Friday, October 19, 2007

Im late with Day 120... Sorry

Im running late with day 120. Ive felt really horrible all day. I think im comig down with this cold again!!!

Thank goodness ive finally got a start on my cyberscraps dt layouts. This is a hint at one i have done and i am totally happy with it!! Like the OTP i did, i can say that this is some of my best work to date!!!

If I dont get it, than i will know that at this stage, i am simply not talented enough....

As I am feeling really horrible, Im not showing my face today. Rather i will show you my new toe rings.... Never been a foot jewellry kinda person. but these looked cute at the chemist, and for $2.95 each I thought id get my two fav colours.. green and pink!! On my gorgoeus new toes, they look cute!!!

Ok, thats it for today.....

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