Monday, October 22, 2007

Sissy Time Again!!!

OMG!!!! My monthy Sissy pack arrived today and Im so excited. Its all totally so cute!!! I cant wait to find some appropriate photos!!!

And do you know the really sad thing... See that little bag at the front with the gold hearts and white and pink things..... They are the best bit!! They are the chocies and candy almonds that Michelle puts in for us!!! Yummo!! First thing to go every time!!!!

Wait to see what i do with these yummy papers and things.....


Jack said...

I got my Sissey pack too today...isn't it gorgeous. Really looking forward to putting all the bits and pieces to good use. We will have to compare our final masterpieces!

kerry said...

Hi Jodi you ahve been busy your garden is looking fantastic too.I really hope that you get the dt possie at cyberscraps good luck and if you need some idea help i'm only an email away.I am so looking forward to the retreat can't wait.Take care Love Kerry

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

not fair. It takes longer for Sissey to get to me!!! Now I am really jealous - and I can taste those choccies and almonds already!!

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