Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 122 - Im on STRIKE!!!

OK, today Im on strike!! I rolled out of bed at 9.00 am and took myself along with hubby off to a walk to porky!! For those that dont know, thats our local lookout. We take a dirt track to the top, its pretty heavy going in places... Illl see if i can find a photo!!

This is the view from the top... so see, its quite a hike!!

On the way down, nearly trod on a black snake, and didnt think quick enough to warn stu who cooed out and jumped and carried on!! He got up me for not telling him!! But like it was only micro seconds and i didnt think too....

So, then i went to Curves and worked out to old people music about "Get out and get those pots and pans and wear a dress with your hair up" dooby dooby dooup!! Rubbish!! Ususally I have my ipod, but i got there right on 10.30 and it shuts at 11.00 so i had to qucikly get into it!!

So, now im home, still not showered... on strike.... The hsband has just came in and said "You got hom 1 1/2 ago and your still not showered!!!" Big deal!!! Im onstrike for personal hygene!!! I'll get sick on my hair soon and have one anyway!!

Now for the fun stuff!!! I was looking through my old scrapbooks this morning for some photos and was so impressed with the layouts, I thought id share...

Now bear in mind that these ones are CM days and i was rebelling!!



And more shapes!!.....

Look at these window things i did.... you can see through them
This is the front and the one below is the back!!

Now here is my farmyard pop up page!!

This is an old photo of me and Jenny, who i am now talking to on facebook!! So funny these photos!! Look at those dresses. We made them oursleves!!

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