Monday, April 29, 2013

Results from Round 1 with Michelle Bridges 12 WBT

It really is quite amaising when you look at the photos.
You know you have lost weight, because clothes are bigger
you can see it one the scales
and you feel so much lighter and better!
But to look at the before and after photos is the thing that hits you!

I still have like more than 45 kilos to loose!
But I know I can do it now,
so that being said I feel ok about showing these photos,
because we wont be seeing me like this again!!!!

I still have a couple of days left for this round...

But here are the results from Round 1

December 2012
117 Kilos. Approx.
(Could have been more!)

April 2012
104 kilos

To follow my weight loss journey more closely
see my weight loss blog

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Classes at The Scrapbook Nook Scrap and Chat

Have you joined my
The Scrapbook Nook Facebook Page yet
Here is a link

Each week we have a class instore,
but the great thing about these classes is that they come with full instructions
so you can purchase a kit 
and do it in the comfort of your own home.

Kit prices vary
and sometimes they come is sets of two kits so we can utilize  whole packets
of scrappy goodies!

The kits sell out quite quickly,
so the best way to guarantee a kit
is to subscribe
and I can post your kits out each fortnight or monthly
whatever you require.

Here are some kits that we have been doing recently.

Angels Exist
(Note: Spelling has been rectified!)

This comes as a set of two layouts.

This is Twenty Two

Bonus Card

(Sold Out)


(1 kit remaining $18.50)


Cherished Moment

This comes as a set of two layouts.

Live Laugh Love

(Sold Out)
Christmas Frame 

(sold Out)



(Sold Out)

Daddy's Girls

(Sold Out)


Garden Play

 This comes with two kits.

Race Time

(Sold Out)


A Day on the Green

(3 Kits remain $17/50)

A Family Moment

(Sold Out)


A Man & His Pussy

Glam It Up

(1 Kit Remaining $18)



(5 Kits Remaining $21)


Live Each Day

(1 kit remaining $23)



(2 Kits remaining $15)


Play Time

(2 Kits remaining $20.50)

So Cherished



Strike A Pose

(2 Kits remaining $16)


Things I Love




(1 kit remaining $12.50)



(3 kits remaining $21)


You Can Fly

(3 kits remaining $12)

If you would like to purchase any of the kits remaining, please send me an email at
or you can phone the shop 0267421566

Purchase 2 kits and receive 20% off
Purchase 3 kits and get 30% off and so on....
You get the picture!


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