Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrating 20 Years of Wedded Bliss??? Maybe Bliss???

Well, as you all know,
today saw us married for 20 years!!!
So in typical country style
we had hamburgers down by the river!!It was such a nice day today, i really didnt want to be stuck inside,
im inside all the time
It was lovely!!!!
Stu woke me this morning with a pressie
I wasnt expecting anything!
He have me a lovely two tone pandora handbag bead
and also a pandora coloured charm. Pink base with hot pink flowers!!
Just gorgeous!!
He is so sweet!!
And tonight i cooked an all time favorite, Corned Silverside!!
So there was no wineing and dining, but it was a hugely enjoyable day!!!

Sweet 16

Emelia was 16 yesterday!!!
After unwrapping her presents, the next job was getting her "L's"
So after a couple of practises on the RTA site,
it was off to do the real thing!!!
And on the road!!!
Here she is ready to drive to school and shes been driving ever since... everywhere!!!
Been through traffic lights, over an overhead bridge, round roundabaouts
and through MacDonalds drive through!! 2 perfect angle parks and a parallel park!!
All in 2 days!!
Then there was the cake!
Emelia said she always wanted to stuff her face with cake...
so she did!!
It was just me, Josh and Emelia for her little cake party!!
Stu worked late last night, but she had a sleep over on the weekend.
She wasnt interested in going out to tea. She did want a party, but there is no way in the world i am hosting a party for 16 year olds!!!
What on earth do they do that isnt mischief!!
I thought that one best left alone....

looked what turned up in the mail today
all the way from America!!!
The new book!! Book #7!!!
Ive been dying to see what happens next for Jamie and Clare!!!

WINNER - Blog Candy Giveaway......

Ok, the wait is over.........
With over 90 comments and blog postings
The winner has been drawn...
No random number pickers for me!!
I went right through all my comments from September and wrote them all on a piece of paper with the date of the comment.......
Cut them all up and put them in a bag....
I asked hubby to do the honours...
He said "yes, as long as my bike photo is in the background"
So here is Stu, with his bike in the background...
And the winning comments!!!
Here is our winner!!!!
This was her comment on photos i posted of the wedding i did
Lisa A said...

Thats looks absolutely beautiful and awesome...

In all honesty of all the over 90 entries, i think 25% of them were Lisa's,
so she kinda stacked the deck so to speak,
which is totally fine by me!!!

Glad to have you as a very loyal follower of my blog Lisa!!
Congratulations on your win.
I will get your addy and pop it in the mail tomorrow!!!
Congrats again!!!

Blog Candy Giveaway Announcement

Ok, today is the day to announce who the winner if is
for the blog Candy Giveaway!!!
Because its today that i have been married to Stu
for 20 blissful (?) years!!!!!
Watch this space..
Announcement today!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Heart Faces Photography Challenge

After visiting Jolenes blog this morning,
I thought i would give this a go too.

I Heart Faces is a challenge Blog for photographers....
This weeks theme is

Monday, September 28, 2009

Class of '84 School Reunion

This weekend saw our 25 year school reunion at Narrabri
Great night!!!!

I did the decorations.....
Me and Stu got dressed at Jo's (Foges) place....
This is the orange top i talked about a while ago. Couldn't bring myself to wear the crab claw necklace lol. This is one i borrowed from Brenda!!

Which is good considering its long and i was showing a bit of cleavage!!!
Me & Stu
Me & Michelle.
We owed each other a cocktail as we both lost our bets!!!
Here is Stu with his girls...
Your a studd muffin Stu!! lol

Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Busy Day

It was such a busy day today......
With work!!!

Here is a wedding i did on Friday..
The photos dont do it justice, its so gorgeous....
She has these gorgeous little crystal candelabras as centrepieces
You cant see them that well though with white against white...
Hopefully gonna scrap tonight!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Prima BAP Entry

You may recall this layout from previous posts...
But this is actually my
Prima BAP Entry for September!!
I love this layout personally!!!
All those photos Emelia hated!!!

hehehe A Mothers revenge!!

Dust Storms over Everything!!!

Like everyone else in Australia
This is what we woke up to today....
Dust over everything!!!
Look at the car!!
Although its not as bad as others we saw in the street!!!
Here is the table out the back!!
That was clean yesterday!!
Perfect day to stay INSIDE!!

Prima BAP Featured Layouts

How exciting is this!!!
My layout has been featured on the
Prima Blog again this month!!!
See here
Hopefully one day I might win this Competition!!!
You will also see Jules layout there too.
Her layout was awesome last month!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy Day Gardens

I went outside to look at the weather today
and the garden looked so nice with the rain
so i took some photos....
We have had a little bit of rain lately and the trees
are really growing well!
Look at the Wisteria growing through this tree...
Close of the Wisteria...
Arnt they lovely flowers!!
And some gravilias..
No layouts to share..
But i have done a few.. just cant share them yet!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A 2 Z Scraplets Blog Technique

Want to see how to make this canvas
Pop over to
A2Z Scraplets Blog

I've done a step by step tutorial!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sensational Sunday

Today was HUGE!!!!
Jack & I decided last year that we were going to enter into this years
Gunnedah Gallop!!!
It kinda snuck up on us!!!
It was TODAY!!!
While Jack has been running on the treadmill at the gym in training,
ive still just been on the cross trainer!!
Jack ran the entire 3km!! Yay!!
I on the other hand jogged and walked it!!!
I discovered today before next year, i will get off the cross trainer and actually run properly!!
OMG, i thought i was going to die!!!
I finished nearly 2 minutes behind Jack!!
But i finished!! And that in itself is pretty damn big for me!!!
I mean, have you seen Me!!!
Anyway, here is the evidence of my first fun run!!
Then it was off to the drags again!!
The boys have had a wonderful full day of racing!!!!
Stu was eliminated on the first round.

Here he is!! Finally got a racing photo!!
Not a good one, but one just the same!!!

Josh made it to the finals!! Yay!
Him and Nick from Armidale... He is a young bloke too.

So Josh and Nick raced the final and Josh red lighted it.
Nick started about 3 seconds ahead of Josh as he doesnt run it as fast,
and Josh got too excited and broke too soon
so was illimated!!!
Such a shame!But a runner up trophy is pretty damn good!! His first trophy for racing!!!
Here he is doing is little burnout
Then racing
Here is a photo of Stu!
he always has to do something to ruin it!!!
And then scrapping...
I have scrapped the weekend away!!!
Here is a challenge from Scrapboutique
Black & Cream, birds and rubons...
"Devine at 39"
Not me, Brenda!! Im 41! :(
Card Challenge
And the roast
So thats my Sunday!!
Pretty damn huge!!
I think we need to make it official that Monday is the official Weekend recovery day!!!
No work on Monday!!
We have to rest!! Its compulsory!!
So, who's with me????
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