Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet 16

Emelia was 16 yesterday!!!
After unwrapping her presents, the next job was getting her "L's"
So after a couple of practises on the RTA site,
it was off to do the real thing!!!
And on the road!!!
Here she is ready to drive to school and shes been driving ever since... everywhere!!!
Been through traffic lights, over an overhead bridge, round roundabaouts
and through MacDonalds drive through!! 2 perfect angle parks and a parallel park!!
All in 2 days!!
Then there was the cake!
Emelia said she always wanted to stuff her face with cake...
so she did!!
It was just me, Josh and Emelia for her little cake party!!
Stu worked late last night, but she had a sleep over on the weekend.
She wasnt interested in going out to tea. She did want a party, but there is no way in the world i am hosting a party for 16 year olds!!!
What on earth do they do that isnt mischief!!
I thought that one best left alone....

looked what turned up in the mail today
all the way from America!!!
The new book!! Book #7!!!
Ive been dying to see what happens next for Jamie and Clare!!!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

WOW I bet your happy about getting your book...Congratulations might need to come and teach me to park especially reverse parking..I can't park for the life of me...


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