Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sensational Sunday

Today was HUGE!!!!
Jack & I decided last year that we were going to enter into this years
Gunnedah Gallop!!!
It kinda snuck up on us!!!
It was TODAY!!!
While Jack has been running on the treadmill at the gym in training,
ive still just been on the cross trainer!!
Jack ran the entire 3km!! Yay!!
I on the other hand jogged and walked it!!!
I discovered today before next year, i will get off the cross trainer and actually run properly!!
OMG, i thought i was going to die!!!
I finished nearly 2 minutes behind Jack!!
But i finished!! And that in itself is pretty damn big for me!!!
I mean, have you seen Me!!!
Anyway, here is the evidence of my first fun run!!
Then it was off to the drags again!!
The boys have had a wonderful full day of racing!!!!
Stu was eliminated on the first round.

Here he is!! Finally got a racing photo!!
Not a good one, but one just the same!!!

Josh made it to the finals!! Yay!
Him and Nick from Armidale... He is a young bloke too.

So Josh and Nick raced the final and Josh red lighted it.
Nick started about 3 seconds ahead of Josh as he doesnt run it as fast,
and Josh got too excited and broke too soon
so was illimated!!!
Such a shame!But a runner up trophy is pretty damn good!! His first trophy for racing!!!
Here he is doing is little burnout
Then racing
Here is a photo of Stu!
he always has to do something to ruin it!!!
And then scrapping...
I have scrapped the weekend away!!!
Here is a challenge from Scrapboutique
Black & Cream, birds and rubons...
"Devine at 39"
Not me, Brenda!! Im 41! :(
Card Challenge
And the roast
So thats my Sunday!!
Pretty damn huge!!
I think we need to make it official that Monday is the official Weekend recovery day!!!
No work on Monday!!
We have to rest!! Its compulsory!!
So, who's with me????


Brenda said...

Who's the divine one? Must be you! lol

Julie said...

I am with you! lol
Mondays is drag your butt out of bed day for me :)
CONGRATS On your Gunnedah gallop!!!

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

congrats on the run - well done!


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