Friday, September 4, 2009

One of those Days

Well, today ended up being nothing like i had planned!!!
We had the Duri School Horse Sports Day on today
But at 4.30am we woke to rain!!
Fantastic Rain!!!!

But i hadnt heard from Kylie (We were getting a lift with her)
about whether or not it was cancelled.
So we got ready and headed out to their place at 5.30am.

They were in bed listening to the radio waiting to see if it was cancelled.
But nothing had been heard
And the rain was getting heavier and heavier!!!

So we loaded up the horses.
Everyone was soaking wet and the horses were muddy after being washed the day before!!

6.30am, still heard nothing about it being cancelled.

So we headed to Tamowrth. Poured rain the whole way.
Got to Tamworth along with many others from all over, even as far as the Hunter Valley.
At 7.30am they announced it had been postponed!!!

So we turned around and came home!!!
Packed everything up and dried of the horses and fed them
10.oo am... what now???

So I scrapped!!! lol
And Emelia went back to bed. I had a little nap too a bit later.

But look what turned up in the mail today!!!
A whole matching set complete with little Maya Road Album!!
So noice!!
These are from my gorgeous dear friends Lindy & Phillipa from Brissy!!
Thanking me for my friendship and kindness!!
These two ladies are the epitamy of friendship and kindness themselves!!
What wonderful surprise!!!
Thanks so much!! I feel very special!
Did you see my balloons on the news tonight!!!
The announcer was saying how beautful the decorations are and how lovely they made the place look... but an add came off and cut him off before he started!!!! lol
Im sure he was going to say something along those lines before he was cut off!! lol
These were for the Dorothea McKeller Poetry Awards that are held in Gunnedah every year.
Students from all over Australia compete in these awards!!
In the Poetry Arena this is a big deal
So it was really great they asked me to decorate. Although i have every year since i bought the business!! But this year they were a bit more elaborate. Mind you, they did get a pretty good deal!!
And these are some more balloons i have done up for a naming day tomorrow.
This is for an outdoor ceremony. You never know what the weather is going to do.
But this guy isnt going anywhere!
Its on a steel pedistal.
So that was my day!!!
Its a special day tomorrow for another dear friend who is turning 39!!!!
Have a wonderful day tomorrow... hopefully if things work ok we might catch up... I not, seeya Monday!!


Brenda said...

Hmmmm I wonder who that could be??

lindy said...

Oh what a day you had ...but a lovely surprise at the end..

passion4pink said...

I DID see your balloons on the TV tonight!! I yelled out to Craig to 'Come look, quick!' great job Jodi. Hey I'm getting better at hearts, doing a wedding tomorrow very happy with the heart I did up tonight no busted ones YEY well not yet anyway.I am doing the Grafton to Inverell cycling race up with table decorations & a small arch eeek!!


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