Sunday, September 13, 2009

Netball Final

After winning the Semi Finals Last weekend,
the girls were very nervous about playing the finals!!!

Bearing in mind most of the team hadnt played netball before, and most came from no sport or soccer, cricket or horse riding!! Getting this far has been brilliant!!

So with the support of every parent and alot of grandparent,
the "Uncos" took the court!!
They played the Under 13 Rep Team!!
As you can see, finally someone the same size as Emelia!!
Be it 3 years her junior!!! lol
They plaued a good game....
Emelia was defending really well and penalised often!! lol
She even had time for a dance or two!!
This photo is so funny!!
But they lost....
So thats it for this season!! But bring it on again next year!!


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