Friday, April 30, 2010

Its Show Time

Its show time in Gunnedah
And Emelia has a very huge palette
Today was show jumping and Dressage Pas De Deux
First up was the 45cm..
Clear round in a fast time
but not fast enough for the ribbons
See Solo's new headband...
Ins't it adorable!!
Its so sparkly!!
We bought it on ebay!
Then the 60cm
The rotten sod knocked the first jump!
Emelia was so disappointed!
The onto the Pas De Deux
Which is a Dressage Test designed by the riders
they dress up and do it to music.
Their song was
Thank god im a country boy
Hence the flanellees and boots
They didn't get time to practise this together
so they did really well with a 5th place!!

Also, look at the moon tonight!!
Its so big and clear!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Review - Thirst No1 & No 2

I've just finished reading both these books.
These are compilations of earlier
books by
Christopher Pike
He originally had them published
in 1998 as the Last Vampire Series....

They are really great reads!!
I read them both in a week.
They are made up of three books each.
They are about Sita the Last Vampire.
She has been on earth for five thousand years.
It has the lot!!
Very religious overtones.
Good versus Evil
But a really excellent read!!
And i have just discovered No3 is out soon!!!
Highly recommended!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check out this gorgeous kid!!!

Mum has just come home from Port
and bought some of the most gorgeous photos of Zane back with her.
I just loved this one!
It called out to be scrapped!!!
And its not like you could call it anything else other than
"Peek a Boo"


Monday, April 26, 2010

A Trail Ride with Emelia, Solo & Cimmi

Today I once again took the chance
of riding on Solo...
Once i actually got on him i was ok......
I wont share those photos though!! lol
Here we are ready to go..
Emelia rode Cimmi
Cimmi hasnt been riden in over a year.
Shes been s bit crook, which we discovered
was because neighbours had been feeding them
lawn clippings...
She'd lost so much weight and was full of arthritis
but its been four months now
and she is as good as gold...
Once she got used to the saddle again, she was fine.
It was a beautiful pleasant ride.
We rode tracks through the bush
Cimmi was having a ball...
We couldn't keep up with her!!
But Solo is so lazy!!!
Here she is trotting off again...
And then there was a race for home...
She won off course!!!
But i did hav a close call near home
A dog ran up and jumped on the colourbond fence
and made a huge noise
It really scared Solo
He reared up and spun around
and wanted to bolt off
But i managed to keep in from doing that
by spinning around in circles...
So its all good!!
We got home in one piece ok...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Once upon a time...............

What seams like decades ago...
but was in fact 2006!!!
I used to be pretty damn good at archery!!!
Here i am having my successes
reported about in the Australia Post Magazine
Id just come back from the World Titles
and had won a gold in my division....
Plus numerous National Titles
and National Teams Titles...
This is a group photo (Partial)
anyway at the World Title..
Im in there, you can see my eyes and forehead!!

Such was my success, that i was interviewed for the news
And my arrows were shown....
But the news said they were my husbands arrows,
but they were MINE
Was filmed doing my thing....
Of course, that feels like 100 years ago now....
I went out to archery today
and we shot IFAA
this is the round that i won the world title in.
We shot at the same distance as the above photo.....
where all my arrows were in the A Zone
Its amaising how much difference a few years make!!!
Its like my arrows were repelled by the A Zone!!
But there is nothing wrong with the left to right though!!!
But its all in good fun!
It poured rain,
I got soaking wet!!!!
So we picked up out bows and arrows and went back to camp!
After only 8 targets!!!
I came home, had a lovely hot shower
and read for the afternoon...
I love reading in bed on a rainy day...
or any day for that matter...
or night!! Im not fussy!!!

Im reading another Teen Vampire book at the moment
Really different
Very religious kind of undertones
i would think a bit deep for a teen
but its written by a bloke
Christopher Pike...
I cant wait to see where it takes me..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Friday Night Scrapping

Last night i had a bit of a scrapathon.....

Here is a layout i did for a sketch challenge
"You're a Rebel"
This one was a speed scrap....
It was done and loaded in half an hour
"My Hero"
And this one is a challenge from the new
Colour Room
Palette #3
"Birthday Fun"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prima BAP Challenge - April

I have a confession....

Im inlove!!!!
There is nothing about this product that i don't like!!
Its totally PERFECT!!!!

I wasn't too fond of the feature side of this paper,
but totally loved the back!!!
This is my Prima BAP for April
"Miss Showgirl"
These colours were perfect for her photo.
I kinda like this layout...

This layout is the Mystery Layout
at Scrap Therapy's Cybercrop last weekend
"Flaunt It"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Jumping

Today we took ourselves to do some
Show Jumping Practise!!
This proved to be a very good decision,
as we had over an hour of undivided,
individual training!!!
No one else showed up!!!!
So despite the fact that Solo carried on like a pork chop,
they ended up jumping really well...
Emelia came off twice when Solo skidded
into the jumps...
But he figured out that rather than putting his head down
when he refuses, if he keeps it up,
Emelia wont tumble down his neck
So twice he had good refuses and Emelia bounced off his neck
back into the saddle..
which can still be quite painful on the chest
but not as painful on the butt!!!
Shes contemplating going to hospital for a possible
broken rib...
But its out at a friends doing dressage this afternoon
so if she is doing that,
than the rib cant be too broken...
Thats the theory anyway!!
We'll see how the rib is tomorrow....
Kinda hoping to get some scrapping done tonight
and then tomorrow Im off to the dentist
to FINALLY have my stitches out!
They are driving me MAD!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scrapbook Creations - Issue 77

On the stands now
See me on page 46!!

What a Day!!!

Its been a massive day today!!
It started at 5.30am
when i got up to go to Maules Creek
A little one horse town about 45 mins
out of Gunnedah.
Their school
was celebrating 100 years!!!
Its a totally gorgeous little school
with only one teacher/principle
and its so picturesque...
We made these balloon arches
to welcome the expected 300 guests.
Then i was home by 8,45am
and ready to help Emelia prepare for the
Miss Junior Showgirl judging
But, she was all done, without me!!!
Here is the finished product
Doesn't she look lovely and elegant!!!
Im so happy with these photos.
There are straight from the camera
without any touchups!!
Love the natural morning light!!
So I took Emelia out to Gunnible where
the judging was to take place
Its a gorgeous farm with lovely gardens
A beautiful informal setting for this nerve
wracking event!!
So while Emelia was at the judging,
the boys were heading off to Walcha for a ride!!
They were there and back by about 1.00pm!!
Hate to think how fast they were going!!
Then when the boys got home,
Choppa and Rachael weren't far behind them.
they met up at Moonbi Fuel Station...
They stayed for lunch and we chatted all afternoon.
Emelia returned after 3
and she was so happy to have recieved a
Miss Showgirl Entrant Sash.
They will wear this while doing their official
duties at the show...
And they also got this gorgeous little bouquet!!
She is pretty happy to be a winner already,
with her sash and posy!!
But will have to wait for the Show when the
winner will be announced!!

And this is the Blind Scrapbook Challenge
at Scrap Therapy last night...

So big day!!
I might sleep now.... Goodnight! ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

A2Z Scraplets New Releases - April

Its new release time at
A2Z Scraplets.....
Is there anything these guys don't have???

Word "Mud Monsters"
Ok, its officially shaving cream, but you get the point!!
Apple - Set of 2 - Shapes
"Munch, Crunch, Slobber, Gobble..."
Solo loves his apple!!!
Shapes - Horse 3
"Presenting Solo"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Badboys Skull Album

Here is an album I've done recently for
Angels r Scrappin
in Tamworth
The album is a wooden Album
from Words or Whatever..
Great to work with.
For the shiny silver finish on the wood
ive used Smooch Spritz..
Papers are: Moxxie, Bo Bunny and Cardstock.
With Kasiercraft Embellishments.
It contains photos of from the Drags
during last year.
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