Monday, April 26, 2010

A Trail Ride with Emelia, Solo & Cimmi

Today I once again took the chance
of riding on Solo...
Once i actually got on him i was ok......
I wont share those photos though!! lol
Here we are ready to go..
Emelia rode Cimmi
Cimmi hasnt been riden in over a year.
Shes been s bit crook, which we discovered
was because neighbours had been feeding them
lawn clippings...
She'd lost so much weight and was full of arthritis
but its been four months now
and she is as good as gold...
Once she got used to the saddle again, she was fine.
It was a beautiful pleasant ride.
We rode tracks through the bush
Cimmi was having a ball...
We couldn't keep up with her!!
But Solo is so lazy!!!
Here she is trotting off again...
And then there was a race for home...
She won off course!!!
But i did hav a close call near home
A dog ran up and jumped on the colourbond fence
and made a huge noise
It really scared Solo
He reared up and spun around
and wanted to bolt off
But i managed to keep in from doing that
by spinning around in circles...
So its all good!!
We got home in one piece ok...

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lindy said...

Great photot Jode ...

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