Saturday, April 10, 2010

You should see the other guy!!!

He looks fine and is wearing a surgical smock!!!
I had an "Implant" done yesterday for my front tooth.
When i was pregnant with Josh, i got an absuss on the top
of my front tooth...
The dentist in Moree at the time was a bit of a hick
and nothing was done.
Ive had soreness and slight swelling in the area ever since.
Anyway over time the tooth died
and i had to have it removed and a crown put there.
But this now failed
so its the Implant.
I arrived yesterday to have it done by this gorgeous surgeon George.
He was totally sweet and very compassionate for a dentist!!
He pressed down on my gum and informed me that there was no bone there!!
So he opened me up.
A cut about 2cm long diagonally from about three teeth
away and then up and under my pallet.
The jaw bone was still infected from 20 years ago
and had gone all soft and horrible.
He had to chizzle all that bone away before he could insert the implant.
Now I am awake while all this chizzeling is going on by the way!
I did have a needle or several and they so hurt!!
i did cry!
Right up under my nose from inside my mouth.
Anyway, i now have about a 3cm long peace of surgical steel screwed into my jawbone
and 5 stitches.
Lots and lots of blood, because you cant pad it.
And during the night last night, my face blew up like a balloon
the swelling goes right up to my eyes...

Its not distinctly obvious...
but its uncomfortable and i cant really open my mouth that much
im on soft food
But today it doesn't feel as bad as when i had it taken out.
Im not looking forward to it being opened up again though to have to tooth placed on it.
That will be in about another 4 months.
More needles and more anaesthetic
It makes me so sick.
I threw up so much yesterday as it was wearing off.....
But in 5 months it will be all over...


Ness said...

OMG Jodi what an ordeal. I hope it heals quickly for you and once it's all done no more problems for you. Love Ness xx

Joanne said...

Jodi I feel for you, it sounds awful but when its finished it will be fantastic, much better than loosing your tooth.

Anonymous said...

Wow children suck soo much goodness out of us i reckon, I had perfect non filled teeth B4 children and now i have lots of fillings and even had a root canal done recently on the same molar that has annoyed me since mollie was about 1 so yep i blame the kids LOL i hope you get better soon
Bridge xx


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