Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a Day!!!

Its been a massive day today!!
It started at 5.30am
when i got up to go to Maules Creek
A little one horse town about 45 mins
out of Gunnedah.
Their school
was celebrating 100 years!!!
Its a totally gorgeous little school
with only one teacher/principle
and its so picturesque...
We made these balloon arches
to welcome the expected 300 guests.
Then i was home by 8,45am
and ready to help Emelia prepare for the
Miss Junior Showgirl judging
But, she was all done, without me!!!
Here is the finished product
Doesn't she look lovely and elegant!!!
Im so happy with these photos.
There are straight from the camera
without any touchups!!
Love the natural morning light!!
So I took Emelia out to Gunnible where
the judging was to take place
Its a gorgeous farm with lovely gardens
A beautiful informal setting for this nerve
wracking event!!
So while Emelia was at the judging,
the boys were heading off to Walcha for a ride!!
They were there and back by about 1.00pm!!
Hate to think how fast they were going!!
Then when the boys got home,
Choppa and Rachael weren't far behind them.
they met up at Moonbi Fuel Station...
They stayed for lunch and we chatted all afternoon.
Emelia returned after 3
and she was so happy to have recieved a
Miss Showgirl Entrant Sash.
They will wear this while doing their official
duties at the show...
And they also got this gorgeous little bouquet!!
She is pretty happy to be a winner already,
with her sash and posy!!
But will have to wait for the Show when the
winner will be announced!!

And this is the Blind Scrapbook Challenge
at Scrap Therapy last night...

So big day!!
I might sleep now.... Goodnight! ;)


phillipa said...

Well done Emelia! You go girl! I adore the close-up photo Jode, just stunning!
Great LO too by the way!

Lea said...

Emelia you are stunning!!!! Good luck with the Miss Showgirl quest. :>
Wow Jodi, you have had a very hectic day!! You best go sleep girl.


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