Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Color Room #69 - Nanny Love

Here is a layout i have been just killing time with today...
Before i get stuck into more DT stuff.
It was for

"Nanny Love"

At Easter Zane couldnt get enough of the Choppa Choppa
on Mums phone.
They took the photo at John Hunter Hospital when they were there seeing Mat in March
and it was the highlight of the year for Zane as you could imagine!
He loved the Choppa Choppa!

Here is the palette.

KaiserCraft Saturday Sketch.....

It was my turn today for the Saturday Sketch over at

This sketch was designed by Kylie Obst

Here is my take
"Sweet Kisses"

The rules:
Each Saturday every month a new sketch and inspirational layouts will be posted here on the blog.
From these 3-5 sketches (depending on how many Saturday’s there are), you have that many chances to create a layout of your own and upload it to any gallery of your choice, or in a blog post.
Once done, link your layout into the comments section of the appropriate sketch blog post and you’re entry is complete!
Find FULL terms and conditions here.
The deadline:
Comments with linked layout entries for each monthly sketch challenge will close on the last day of that month at 11.59 (Australian Eastern Standard Time UTC +10/Daylight Savings Time UTC +11)
The prize:
1st PLACE: One of Kaisercraft’s new collections (valued at approximately $50).
2nd PLACE: A Kaisercraft scrap pack (including new products) valued at approximately $30.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review - Dragon's Oath (A House of Night Novella) By PC & Kristen Cast

Ok, if you are reading this series
and though like me,
"Nah, I wont read this, what part does he really play in the books"
Your wrong!
Read it!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer CHA Chicago 2011.

I was so very proud to be asked to make items 
to feature at the Kaisercraft Stand
during the Summer CHA in Chicago!

I couldn't go :(
So I have been scouring the internet trying to find anyone
that may have accidentally got images with my stuff in them!
I found two!!

This shelf features my tree....

Rather than do a family tree,
I made it to feature photos of Emelia & Solo jumping through the Cross Country Courses...

And this one...
I am right down the  bottom....

This is my gingerbread banner....

Hehe, Im so excited to have found something featuring my things!
Its one thing to think I have things featured at CHA, its another thing to
actually see them displayed in photos on other peoples blogs that were there!!!

Book Review - Rosalee Station by Mandy Magro

 I love these country love story type books!!!
This was one was ok.
The story was great, a little too predictable though.

The thing that annoyed me most
was the language that the Author used.
She tried to put every Aussie Slang Colloquialism
into this one tiny book
and honestly, outback station people don't really talk like this.
I know that the Author does live herself in Tropical NQ on a fruit farm,
but i would question that this talk is authentic.
Yes they use lots of lingo and things, but not with every word that comes out of their mouths!
It was just too much and made it really hard to read
and even harder to believe!!!
But the characters in the book are endearing and I really did want to see what happened to them.
This is just my personal view, others might really enjoy the language with which this was written.

The Book Reads:
"Sarah Clarke's dream is the experience life in the real outback.  When her boyfriend Brad offers her a job with him on Rosalee Station, she cant believe her luck, But within days or arriving, her relationship is in tatters and the dream is fast losing its luster.
Sarah stays on to prove herself in the unforgiving land, earning the admiration of Matt, the station owners son. Beneath the wide outback skies, the pair are irresistibly drawn to each other until a stolen kiss leads to disaster. Sarah leaves Rosalee, convinced she'll never see Matt again - but fate has a way of intervening....

Also there is way too much lead up to the story and then the middle of the story is long winded and going no where, and then the finish is way too fast and unreasonable...

As i have said though, I did enjoy it. But there are just a few too many little annoying things in there for my liking.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to the Grind Stone......

How Sad!
The "One Off Event" Camp Mojo is now over!!!
What a wonderful weekend was had at the Hunter Valley
with over 80 scrapping ladies...

It was amaising to meet in person
so many people that i have known online for years!!!
Its a shame that we didn't get a group photo!!!

But here are some photos we did get!

This photo has Ali MAcDonald, Marelle Jackman, Angela Connelly, Tatem Woodfoffe, Lauren Boase, Lisa Oxley, This hilarious Crystal Goulding, Lauren Bell, Ebony Van Der Star, Bridgette Hatton and Me!

Crystal decided that she just wanted to be the only person in this photo!!!

Here are some of my roomies
I was sharing with Ebony, with Bridge & Crystal in the same Villa.

It was wonderful to meet Marelle!
Marelle leaves the most love of anyone I know on the forums and challenge sites!
Such a gorgeous lady!!!

Here is Bridge & I with Louise Nelson...
Another gorgeous lady!

And with Peg Hewitt, my old scrapping buddie!!
Not old old, but I've meet Peg before so old that way!!!

The amaising Peta McBeth organised her Coffee Man
to pay us a visit on Sunday!!!!
We lined up for 2 hours waiting for our caffeine fix!
And he was worried he wouldn't make enough coffee!!! 

There was also a GLEE Talent Quest!
My evil twin turned up dressed a Madonna
and did "Like A Virgin"
Those of you who have attended a retreat with me previously where i made
"Special Balloons" can use your imagination on how the balloons were incorporated into my act!!! Hehe
There is a video out there in cyberspace somewhere for those not faint hearted!
Contains adult content!!

Then when we weren't having an awesome time doing everything else!
There was also some scrapping to do!
Here are some of my layouts....

"Back in the Saddle Again"
for a lace challenge and a song title challenge
(I recycled my challenge layouts!!!) Hehe
I won a prize for the lace challenge

"When you Smile, I Smile"
Song Title Challenge

"I will Always Love You"
Calico, ripped paper & Lace Challenge
I Won this challenge

"Pretty Awesome Farmers"
No straight lines challenge

I did do some other DT work too!
This was a massive weekend and congratulations must be given to Sherry Mendoza and Jane Clark for organising it!!
I did some classes with Jane, Sherry, Sarah Goldman and Rachel Grieg and they were brilliant, thanks ladies!
All in all it was a fabulous weekend and one that soon wont be forgotten!
This was a one off event and its so sad that due to unforeseen circumstances some wonderful people couldn't make it and it was such a shame not to be able to meet them! Maybe one day!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Weekend Coming up...........

Its been over a year in the preparations
but finally tomorrow is M Day!
Mojo Day!!!
Cant wait!

97 Mad Scrapping Ladies are merging on the
Hunter Valley Retreat
to scrap the weekend away....
Seeya when i return!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sundae that Wasn't....

Brenda and I had planned a lovely day out today!!
We looked at the screenings for the Cinema and saw that 
"Bridesmaids" were on in the Gold Pass Cinema...
The Gold Pass Cinema has reclining chairs, food served to you like cheese platters,
or nashos, or anything you might like that you can eat at the Cinema...
Also you can have drinks delivered too, like wines etc.

So here we are sitting up waiting for our movie to start!

We laughed at the shorts
and reclined our chairs and got comfy.....
Then the waitress bought our orders...
We got Malteezer Sundae's....
(Yum! I would imagine they would be anyway!!!)

Here we are enjoying the thought of eating our Sundae's....

Then the Waitress came back and told us to leave
the movie was cancelled!
Go and get a refund!!!
Everyone yells "We dont want a refund, we want the movie!!!"
Talk about disappointed!!!
Because you cant go to the Gold Pass with Kids!
Its 18 and over only!
Neither of us have had the opportunity yet to go to the Gold Pass!!!!
And when we do, they cancel it!!
Not Happy!
We had to hand the Sundae's back as we couldn't take them with us cause they were in their glasses!!!

So that's the Sundae that Wasn't!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Book Review - Sing you Home by Jodi Picoult

As with all Jodi Picoult's Books
This one is also very emotional,
very controversial
and very political with religious overtones!
Something that i too am passionate about...
Religious fanatics, brain washing  the public 
and then being the exact opposite of what they preach behind closed doors!!

Ive seen this first hand myself!
So reading this book triggered all kinds of emotional 
responses from me!

Its about a couple a couple trying to start a famliy
and then divorcing
and the controversy over the wife wanting to use the rest of the embryos
to have a family with her new wife!!
The husband of which since finds religion!!

This book has so many religious hypocritical comments 
that we hear over and over from
the same religious fanatics
it really made me cranky!
But i couldn't put it down!
I think i know which way it was going to go the whole way through,
but I just couldn't put the book down until i knew for sure!
I've spent the majority of today finishing this book!
And i highly recommend it!

My rating

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter....

I get really emotional about Harry
and its totally silly really!!

But Harry represents the childhood of my son Joshua.
Josh got his very first Harry Potter book when he was 7 years old..
He was thought too young to understand the book at the time.
There was so much controversy!
Do you remember at all?
Schools were up in arms about our children being influenced by witchcraft
and this story of evil!
But they totally missed the point!
This story was about empowerment!
It was about a young boy, raised by people who weren't his parents
and treated dreadfully
and how he was empowered by a magical community
to be all he could be to save them!!!

I remember as it is with boys
that i always struggled to find some common ground with Josh.
So we could have something fun to talk about and not just his mum nagging at him all the time.
So i too read Harry Potter books,
and then we could talk about them together.

We played the Harry Potter games and played the Harry Potter cards..
We learnt all the spells
and would talk to Harry Potter language.
It was part of our family...

So today, with my 21 year old son we went to watch the final movie!
And I am so sad!

Not because the movie is sad, its a celebration,
but because its the end of a generation!
We have had 14 years of reading Harry Potter Books
waiting for Harry Potter Releases
Watching Harry Potter Movies
and waiting for the next Harry Potter movie!

What am i going to talk about to my son now....
He is into Online games now, and unfortunately, I dont have the time, dedication or inclination to play those to have something to talk to him about!
I took up Archery so i could talk to him about something, and then i took up motorbike riding so i had something to talk about with him.... But i draw the line at gaming!
I have way too addictive a personalty!!!

Maybe this is it now until he starts breeding and needs my advice....
One can only live in hope...
Good bye to the childhood of my son!!! 
Goodbye Harry Potter!!

Sketchabilities Sketches - Sketch 51

Here is my sketch for 
Sketchabiities Sketches - #51

"Beast on a Wire.."

Here is the sketch

If you want to join in the fun..
Click here

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kaisercraft Core Products Feature - Clear Stamps Alphas

Here is my little Calender Train I made for today's
Kaisercraft Core Product OTP Feature!!

Using the Alpha Stamps I made up, dates, date, months that kids can change each day by sliding them into their pocket...

Colour Combos Galour #200 - Featured Member

Its very exciting today that i get to share in the reveal
for the 200th Colour Combos Galore Palette!!!
Its a lovely one too
with great inspiration!!

Here is my layout
"The Hair"

I used the sketch from this weeks
Once Upon A Sketch...

Here is the palette and inspiration

Come and join in!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Kaisercraft Yumminess - Blae & Ivy Collection

I just love this collection!
I love everything about it!
The colours work really well together making it such a versatile range!!

Here is my layout....


My two cards...

And I love these frames!!!

"Special Memories"


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