Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Project for 2010 - Filitree Birdcage

I bought this kit from Scrap with V!
There are none lesft now, but im sure if you emialed Ness she could arrange another one...
This is so easy and so effective!

 Especially using glimmer mist rather than paint!
Makes making cute little items like this so much easier!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone...

Happy New Year Wish
My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.
A year in which you cherish
The past year’s memories,
And live your life each new day,
Full of bright expectancies.
I wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when it’s done, I wish you
Happy New Year, and many more.
By Joanna Fuchs

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chistmas To All!

After the "FUN" that Stu and Emelia had last night
it was a very steady morning this morning!!
But it didnt stop the free for all!!

Lots of paper on the floor!
And empty boxes!
The usual look on Christmas Day!!

Here is Christmas 2005
All looks the same....

How time flies......

But back to Christmas 2010
Just as much mess, but rather than barbie swimming pools and
Brats dolls and Lego

There are TV,s XBOX360 Kinect, lots of DVDs
Lots of Lollies
and lots of sloggan tshirts!!!

Santa also took this opportunity to give Emelia lots of stuff for her
Emerald College, like fencing plyers and work gloves, boot polishing kit, sewing kit
and thats what her TV is for...
Stu was very very happy to receive a new grill for his ute, levers for his bike, oils and lube
and all kinda blokey things...
Joshua got a little bit of his childhood back with some LEGO
But its big boy HALO Lego!!

Emelia was under the thought that Santa forgot she wanted a tv
so was very happy when she unwrapped it!!

She also got a very sparkly belt!!
Heaps of huge rhinsestones on it!
Very impracticle, but very nice!!

Emelia bought me some "Adults Only" items!!
Talk about laugh!
So hilarious that she would do that!!!
Joshua bought me the first series of V, and Emelia was very generous!
She has her own money and spent way too much
she bought me the first and second series of True Blood!!
And also the bottle of Versace Perfume!!!

And Stu bought me this!!!
Xbox360 Kinect!
Have you seen the fitness stuff on these!! OMG!
I cant wait to get started!
I was wanting one for stretching and stuff as i am having problems with my feet that probably stems from my fat arse!!!! But this is so much more!!  It aslo have ZUMBA!!!
So hopefully along with my good firend Jenny Craig
We might be looking at the old Jodi again this time next year!
Rather than the heffer that i see looking back at me each morning!
Dont know when she turned up, but she has to go!!!!

The good thing about hangovers...
Is that there was no cooking for this little black duck today!
Might have to nake tomorrow our fancy chrismtas day food!
No one was eating anything today!! lol

Note: I know i dont share many piccies of Josh, but he just wont let me take them! I get so annoyed with him about it! I have told him when i am old and he has his own kids and there arent many photos of him he is not to blame me!!! Actaully we have a $100 bet on it. That he goes crook about the lack of photos!!

Chrismas Lights...

Emelia and I went Chrismtas Light Looking on Christmas Eve...
Starting with our own wonderful display!!


I went a bit wild with the LED lights this year!
I need them for the Deb Ball in March, so I thought why not take advantage!!!

But there was only one place that was a MUST SEE
High Street!
They put on this awesome display every year!!!
I liked emelias face in this photo....
There was a "Spooky" room in this house in High Street!!

This was the reindeers stables!
Last year there was a HUGE reindeer in there...
But he must have been with Santa this time as it was
Christmas Eve afterall!!

This is the display as you walk in...
Santa and his slieghs...

Then there are the mini villages!!
Heaps of them and so adorable!!

We headed up to the lookout
to see how the christmas lights looked from that vantage point!
And you can totally see some of the more colourful displays
from the top.....  Notice it there to the left...

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

 Christmas Eve was a HUGE day here!!!
I had so many balloon orders and then ontop of that,
there was a huge drama with the lady that i hired to clean the house!
I cant beleive it! I tell you, if you see an offer to good to miss, dont take it!!!
There is obviously a catch!
But after lots of tears, it kinda was sorted out!
I cant beleive that as a custmer seeking the services of someone, that i could be dragged into such a huge fight because the service asked me to lie to the staff they hired so they wouldnt have to pay them!!!
Of course I didnt lie to them!! And thats when the fight began as the old joke goes!!!
On Christmas Eve!!
Totally atrocious behaviour!
So by 5pm i was well and truely ready for one of the above!!
A Moscato Champaige and it was so nice
I will be drinking shampers from now on!!

We had the house all ready for Christmas
This year i got some lolvey chrissy decorations as gifts
and bought a few others! 
Slowly my stash is getting bigger!

We had our first ever block party last night in Smyth Close!
Most of the street made an appearance which was totally AWESOME!!
I had to take a photo of Josh before we went though
as he didnt come...

Here is Emelia and Me with our Santa Hats on.

Stu had a great time being Stu!
 We had sparklers and glo sticks!

Emelia got this gorgeous Maxi dress for Christmas
but wanted to wear it last night!
i looked so nice on her!

Then we came home and Stu and Emelia had a "bonding session"
over copious amounts of drinkies
lots of loud music
and other heavy kinda music!
Definately no chritmas Carols!!

They posed as "Loving siblings" for this photo!
"Do we look all lovely dovey" Stu wanted to know!!!
Yeh they kinda do hey??

They danced around the house all night!!!
Me and Josh had the sence to go to bed!!
But they danced and drank and danced and drank!!

It was all great fun!!

Until this morning!!
Suffice to say, Christmas Day was very quiet!!!

Im running late with this colour room challenge
It sat on my desk for a week because i didnt know where to start!!
I dont do that, im a knock them up in no time type person!!
Very disconcerting i can tell you!!!
Anyway here were the colours.

 So adorable!
As soon as i saw them I thought Prima Jack & Jill line!

Here is my layout..
Side Pony

I love how it finally turned out!!!
Here is a close up!
Really 3D For me!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Dinner with Mum & Ken

 Seeing as Mum and Ken wont be here for Christmas Dinner
We did this tonight at the Services Club!!
Here is Emelia and Me!
This photo shoot was so funny cause Emelia has stuff in her teeth
and my necklace was on back to front!!
Haha talk about RedNecks!!

Here is Mum and Ken!
They are so happy together... I know Ken adores Mum
look at his grin!

We all ordered something really yummy!
We exchanged pressies

We popped our bon bons
And we put our Party Hats on

Joshua wont let me take his photo the rotton sod!!
But this is the two of them

It was a lovely Christmas Tea
and we exchanged our pressies...
Mum bought me this awesome drink fountain!!
I think i will use this all the time!
It has lights in it!!!!
Also some gorgeous lacy finished sheets!!!

Lunar Eclipse - 21.12.10

I tried to get some photos last night but it was so cloudy!!!
This was the best shot and it was by accident!
I dont know what i did..
But you can really see the piece out of it here..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baywatch Armatree.................

With flooding during harvest time, the farmers of Armatree found something else to entertain them,
Armatree is near Gilgandra which is near Dubbo which is about 2 1/2 hours from Gunnedah.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Scrap with V Blog Hop - 8th January 2011

Punky Scraps Challenge 2 - What is so special about you?

Do you want to be a Punky Scraps Rebel? 
Then join in this weeks Challenge over at the blog

This weeks challenge is to create a layout about
What is so special about you?

Here is mine..
"You & Me Always"


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bon Jovi Concert - Sydney!!! There and back in 1 day!

 Bridgette and i did a quick (yeh right!) trip to Sydney yesterday
to see BON JOVI
at the Sydney Football Stadium!
I plotted the course very carefully on google maps and using the satalite images
so i knew exactly where i was going and what it would look like!!!
I was driving and Bridge was navagating!
and all was going well until we discovered that we had been driving for an hour, at the speed limit
but google maps said that it was only about 30kms!!
We had taken a wrong something!!
We still dont know what happened!!!
So frustrating!!

Then we turned on 2 nav mans plus the satalite feature on my iphone
and we made our way back to the route we needed to be on
at which time the traffic was so thick!!!
We were so frustrated!!

 Bridge learnt a few choice new phrases!!
Emelia did warn Bridge though that
"Mum gets really angry and swears and yells when she gets lost"!!!
LOST!! OMG! We so got more than lost!!!
Here is Bridge crying!!
(She isnt really, cause she was being brave!!)

But we finally got there!
After a very illegal U turn infront of on coming traffic
with horns beeping at me!
(At this point i was beyond being a polite driver!!)
And then i turned into the car park from the wrong lane that they had cordened off!!
That werent going to stop me!
And my rudeness paid off!
A lovely concert goer pointed out a park for me right near our gate!
So Bridge and i got out and BON JOVI
was already playing!!!
I cant beleive we planned everything so carefully
to arrive at 5pm!
We got there about 8.30!!

So we did a quick change and make up in the car park
and off we went!

Got to the gate and security wouldnt let me take my camera in because it had a detashable lenze!
What the hell is wrong with that!
So we had to take it back to the car
and i had to rely on my iphone!!!

So here we are finally in and dancing to their third song!!

And we danced and clapped and danced and claped!

The crowd was HUGE
 And then there was Jon!!
OMG, so gorgeous!!! 
And they are so into what they do!!!  I think they really enjoyed entertaining us!!

Bridge and i got home about 5.00am this morning!
Took no time at all to get out of the city!
By the time we reached Quirindi we were both seeing double!!
But we made it!
And it was so worth all the screaming and the swearing!!!
And it was so nice to spend so much time one on one with Bridge
we talked to whole way there and the whole way home!!

So when is the next one??
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