Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

 Christmas Eve was a HUGE day here!!!
I had so many balloon orders and then ontop of that,
there was a huge drama with the lady that i hired to clean the house!
I cant beleive it! I tell you, if you see an offer to good to miss, dont take it!!!
There is obviously a catch!
But after lots of tears, it kinda was sorted out!
I cant beleive that as a custmer seeking the services of someone, that i could be dragged into such a huge fight because the service asked me to lie to the staff they hired so they wouldnt have to pay them!!!
Of course I didnt lie to them!! And thats when the fight began as the old joke goes!!!
On Christmas Eve!!
Totally atrocious behaviour!
So by 5pm i was well and truely ready for one of the above!!
A Moscato Champaige and it was so nice
I will be drinking shampers from now on!!

We had the house all ready for Christmas
This year i got some lolvey chrissy decorations as gifts
and bought a few others! 
Slowly my stash is getting bigger!

We had our first ever block party last night in Smyth Close!
Most of the street made an appearance which was totally AWESOME!!
I had to take a photo of Josh before we went though
as he didnt come...

Here is Emelia and Me with our Santa Hats on.

Stu had a great time being Stu!
 We had sparklers and glo sticks!

Emelia got this gorgeous Maxi dress for Christmas
but wanted to wear it last night!
i looked so nice on her!

Then we came home and Stu and Emelia had a "bonding session"
over copious amounts of drinkies
lots of loud music
and other heavy kinda music!
Definately no chritmas Carols!!

They posed as "Loving siblings" for this photo!
"Do we look all lovely dovey" Stu wanted to know!!!
Yeh they kinda do hey??

They danced around the house all night!!!
Me and Josh had the sence to go to bed!!
But they danced and drank and danced and drank!!

It was all great fun!!

Until this morning!!
Suffice to say, Christmas Day was very quiet!!!

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