Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Journal.............Day 1

 Last year i made a December Jounral
and its so nice to refer back to.
I havnet had the time to make one up this year
so i have decided to do my December Jounral on my blog instead!!!!

So this is how the month started!!!
During the week, my first christmas gift was custom made and delivered
by one of my oldest and dearest friends

Jo and I met way back before we even started school.
We were at the local greyhound track that both her father and my father were helping to build!
I met Jo's sister Sandra as she was more my age,
but i remember Jo as she had the most curly unruley hair!!!
(The things you remember!!)

But when i repeated school in Year 4, i ended up in the same year as Jo when we met up at high school.
And we have been mates ever since...
She was "Foges" back then and i was "Heag"  lol

Anyway Jo is learning to decorate cakes...
and look at her awesome work!!

This one was Mums....
 And this one is mine.......

Dontcha just love these little guys!!
So Cute!!
Also, christmas punches!!
I love punches!!!
I bought the ornaments one from here in Australia
but the other two i got from the States..
They are a bit hard to find!!!

So I am ready now to make my chrissy cards!!
Now, where can i buy some time!!! lol


Anonymous said...

Greyhounds hehehehehehe :) you got a thing for grey hounds Jodes :)

lindy said...

love the cake Jodes...oh those punches are so cute


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