Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today Josh Turns 20

 Today my baby turned 20...
No longer a teenager!

We didnt do anything special..
Just the usual birthday cake and some pressies..
He is so hard to buy for as he buys everything he wants himself!
Except food and clothes!
So he got food!
Heaps of his favorite nibblies..

And Nanny made him his favorite tarts and pies..
Caramel and Lemon Merange

And of course a birthday isnt a birthday without a balloon! 

And here is a photo story of his life so far...
Here he is at the hospital just born..
He was a little jandice.
and he had a very hectic birth

as Did his mother... look at me for goodness sake!

Id never had pimples in my life
and then when i was pregnant and had Josh i was covered in them!
Still have the scars!

He was always such a funny little kid!!
Always happy and smiling!
Never a hassle.

He loved doing things with his Dad!
They have always been mates..
and remain mates today!

 Sharing an ice cream..
So cute!!
He was always into stuff!
He used to have a little car he called Bopety boo
He used to fly around the room on that thing!!
We say his fly halfway up a wall one night!
So funny!

 HE altime fav holiday activity was looking for things at the beach
collecting sea shells and rocks
looking for animals in the rock pools..

Then he got a little older and the activities got a little wilder!!

Bow hunting!!!

Here he is finishing year 10 in 2006
Time goes so fast!!

So some updates just for the record..
He is 20 today!
Still living at home
He works as a casual postie and loves his job
He wants to buy and sell houses for investment
He spends his freetime playing
World of Warcraft
and in his "world" is a pretty cool kid.
He doesnt drink alchahol at all.
He doesnt smoke, do drugs or chase wild woman.
He is reliable!
He can be loveable when the wind is right! lol
He still kisses him mum goodnight.
His Dad is his best mate
He likes to go on trips on his motorbike
He wont say so, but he does miss his sisters chatter, although at the same time he likes the quiet..
We are pretty lucky to have such a great kid!

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Anonymous said...

Aww thats lovely :) happy birthday Josh x


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