Saturday, June 30, 2007

WOW - Look what i did

Look what i did today. I did an on-line class and learnt all about paint and stitching.
I love the result!!! Arnt i clever!!!

Day 11 - Out and about at the Sundowner Races

Today was the Sundowner Roadrace that my baby brother competed in.
He's back in the game after a few long years break. This was his first big race back and i am very proud to say he finished the race stronly. He was handcaped about 7 minutes and caught up to the scratch riders about 1 km out of Gunnedah. He came home strong in the third pack. Great riding!!

Here is Kel, my sister and I having a laugh at the finishing line.

My brother is the one in the pink.... of course... my favorite colour!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Here is the most recent layout i have finished. Its for a Celebrating me in 2007 challenge. This is a page about where i live. I live in Gunnedah that is drought stricken!!!

Brenda, Jacquie and I are really enjoying our scrapping days and having a wonderful time being inspired by each other. We all have such different styles and can influense each others design choices. We are all growing in talent - but most of all in friendship. Its great tp ahve such wonderful like minded friends.

Days 8, 9 & 10

More photos

Days 6 & 7

What a week!!

Goodness, I have done this already and lost everything....
I will do it in smaller doese this time
Been busy all week getting the challenges done. Up to date with the photos, but the scrapping of them is running behind.

Here are some photos

Days 4 & 5

This weeks challenges......

Well, its been a very social week this one.... Lots of scrapping trying to get the 365 day challenges done. Huge job!! What an achievement if it actually all happens. Speaking of which.... better run out and take todays photo!!!

Ok back now!! Nearly forgot!!!

Great news from Brenda today..... Shes a guest designer for a sissey on-line shop!! WOW!! You go girl!!! Look forward to seeing your work!!

Anyway, here are my photos to date.....

Days 4, 5 & 6

Days 7 & 8
Days 9 & 10

Days 7 & 8

Saturday, June 23, 2007

365 Day Challenge

Hello everyone.

Well, its been a while since i stopped by. Theres been a few changes of late.

Ive stopped working at the post office. It was quite difficult to fit it all in with my businesses.

Im enjoying great new friendship with Brenda from Goondiwindi. She is right into scrapbooking like me and is so inspirational. Its funny how peoples styles are so very different!!
Here is a layout ive done recently with some of Brendas inspiration

Ive been working on my christmas layouts too at the moment. Just about done now.

I am alos participating in a couple of challenges over the internet at the moment.
On chookscraps I am working a on a celebrating me 2007 album which is great fun. I am also participating in 365 day challenge where i have to take a photo of myslef everyday. Now, one cant keep oneself looking glamerous all the time - so there are going to be some shocker
I will upload the first few days.

So here is me in all my glory!!!! I will keep scaring you with my images!!
Keep safe til next time
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