Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Scrap With V Kits on sale now

My new Kit
From Scrap with V is on Sale NOW!!
Get in quick, they went like hotcakes last month...
Only $22.95
for 2 layouts and a card
Using the lovely Making Memories Range....
Click here to purchase
and check out the other wonderful kits from the talented DT.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Country Papercrafts Retreat - Keept Dam Gunnedah

There are two spots open for this retreat
as there has been a cancellation.
There are also 2 spots left in each class for




This is going to be an awesome

retreat and is only 3 WEEKS


Click here for details

There's a New addition to the Family

My son reached another mile stone in growing up today
He bought his first car,
got his own loan with no parental guarantor
A Suzuki Swift.... 2009 model.

Here he is proud as punch
Its just a tiny little rice bubble of a car...
With a hatch back, no bum!!
But its a double decker boot!!! There is a fake kinda bottom that slide out to find even more storage space!!
So it was off to the record shop today too to get some CDs for the new sterio in the car.
He has been using an ipod in the old exploder as it only had a tape deck!!!
Lets see how long it stays a noice shiny black!!!
Uncle Gary has got some mags waiting for him soon too.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Awesomeness!!!

We left too early yesterday!!
there was a presentation for the highest point score for the Show Jumping
and guess who got the sash for E grade!!

Today there were a couple of more ribbons....
Emelia and Sky won second place for their pairs.
And Emelia got 5th for the bareback!!
She went awesome in the barrel race... her best time yet of about 25.something..
Considering previous times have been over a minute, this is great.
She would have been in the ribbons, but she got a 5 second penatly for knocking a barrel.
Look at Wendi with her gorgeous baby girl and tiny pony!!!
This is snowy... He is only 5 hands high and so totally adorable!!!!
So thats a HUGE week over for us and ready for school tomorrow...
Thank goodness.
Might get some rest now... lol

Saturday, July 25, 2009

WOW!!!!!! Look at what my girl did today!!!

Today we had the
Greg Swain Memorial Showjumping Day.....
Incidently, this was the first competition Emelia ever rode in last year...
So its 12 months now that Emelia has been riding
and she celebrated that in a big way today!!!!

I was out in the tech paddock with the sporting events as i was a helper, and Emelia came galloping up to me,
big smile on her face!!!!
With a BLUE RIBBON!!!!

She won a first place in the AM7 Showjump event!!!
This is HUGE!!!
She was so proud of herself, and i was so proud of her and Solo for doing so well!!!!
Look at the smile on her face......
Then it was the AM3...
I managed to catch her first clear round.....
Then she came galloping up again with
Oh My Goodness!!
Two of them!!!
Then it was the Power & Speed.
She is in E grade, where all new riders and new horses start regardless.
Riders are from 17 down to 7 in this grade...
Being that there are a few unsure riders, they have a optimum speed to do this event in...
The closest to that speed while not going over it win, and then its the closest or something like that.....

Emelia got a 4th place!!!
We are so thrilled for her!!
And this means that she now goes up to D Grade!!!
(Shes a bit worried about that!!! But she did jump D grade through the week, so after a bit of getting used to it she should be ok with it!)
Its been such a tiring 4 days...
And there is still one more day to go!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Scrap With V - Mini Cybercrop Challenge 1.

I got ONE challenge done and only one day late!!!
Thanks Kristy!

More Horsey Photos.....

I followed these guys around for the last few days...
These are the big group... 15 and over.
They requested a group photo...

So we tried a few different poses....
The kids had a great 3 day Mini Pony Camp.. (Minus the camp!)
There was the Stockhorse Trials...
Some Jumping... everyday!
And bareback jumping!!!
Also learning to use your legs, as there is no bridle, the horse is being lunged, and over jumps and you had to show your hands over your head... Emelia refused to do that bit claiming she was just a "little girl"!!!

Scrap with V - Scrapbook Memories Reader Offer August

The last offer went really fast, so you have to be quick... (Mum thats for you!!)
Designed by ME!!
This kit has the awesome
Creative Imaginations Heiress collection...
Great papers and embellies
There are two kits featured...
The layout kit which is enough product for 5 great layouts
An an Crown Mini Album Kit
or save money by bying both for only
Purchase Here
View Slide Show of Layouts/Album Here

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainy Day Horse Fun

Emelia is taking part in a Mini Pony Camp this week..
Minus the Camp...
Today was day one..
We woke up to pouring rain and she has to ride to the showground..

But she got there in one piece
But Solo was being a total shit today!!
He reared and carried on! We though he was going to fall sideways at one stage,
he reared and leant to the side at which point Emelia just stepped off him very eliquantly!!!
But she regained some control to get him to jump...
He doesnt mind jumping, he just doesnt like leaving the other horses!!!

You can see how wet and horrible it is...

This is the first time she has done a double jump!!!

This is the first time Solo has gone over this jump too...
And not just one piggy bar but two!!!
But upon landing, she lost her footing and came a gutzer!!!
She didnt hurt herself thank goodness!
I was worried about her shoulder, but there was no pain.
So its another two days of instruction and then two days of competition...
Lets hope he is nice and tired by then to argue with her about doing as he is told!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Scrap With V - Mini Cybercrop Challenges...

Ok, well not Challenges (Plural) as i only managed to get one done at this stage....
This is the Mystery Challenge from
Tanai Davey!!
Mine went so bad... as usual!!!
"A Boy and His Kitty!!"

A Weekend of Arches...................

It was a busy balloon weekend this weekend...
I had two functions that both required awesome arches..
but both so different...

Here is one for a 21st....
And this one was for the opening of the new TLife shop...
or to you and me Telstra.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Snow!!!! Only 100 odd Kms away!!!

Theres snow in demdar hills!!!!
This is a photo taken by Kim from Narrabri from her property at the foot of the Kaputar Ranges...
When I lived in Narrabri, you could stand on the front verandah of our house and look to the mountains and see the snow if there was a decent fall of it...

But these photos were taken by Kim this morning when they ventured to the top!!

How gorgeous is this....
Wouldnt it be lovely to live in this winter wonderland... although i am sure if you were doing in year in and year out it would be a bit average!!!

Thanks for letting me share your photos Kim!!

Sometimes we have to do things that might not be the recomended course of action????

The "T-Life"
store is having its official opening today and tomorrow here in Gunnedah.
I was lucky enough to get the contract for the decorations.....
Now i only have my territory car, which i admit I can pretty much pack like the best of them..
But this was pushing it!!!!

I had to shove 150 balloons on sticks to delivery yesterday!!!!
This is what it looked like!!!

You will notice they are pretty sqeezed in.....
With not much room for looking!!

Let alone sitting!!!!
But i have a route worked out now where i dont have to give way to the left........
So getting there is pretty safe really.....
As long as you are observant with whats happening out front!!
Parking however is a bit of a problem!!!

Got another load heading there this afternoon, but Mum is helping today as i have another two columns and helium balloons as well today!!!

I have a Challenge to set at
Scrap With V
Its not due until about the 27th of this month....
But i cant wait to show you a little hint...

Lots of beads, home made lace flowers and a few odds and bods....
Im very happy with it...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scrap With V - Mini Cybercrop starts tomorrow

Its Mini Cybercrop time....
Just a little one
to introduce the new Design Team!!!
Starts Friday at 7pm!!! BE THERE!!!!

Here is what we have instore:
Open 7pm - Ness

7.10pm - Mystery Challenge - Tania (ChiLLi)

8 pm - Quick Bingo Game - Kim

8.30 pm - Challenge 1 - KirstyP

8.35 pm - Challenge 2 - Martina (Tina82)

8.40 pm - Challenge 3 - Sketch - Taryn

8.45 pm - Challenge 4 - Card - Brigitte

8.50 pm - Photographic Challenge - Sandrine

Here is a link to the Forum:
Look forward to seeing you all there!!

I cant wait!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Sad Goodbye... & Anyone want a cute little Puppy???

We laid Stu's brother Trevor to rest today...
It was a very sad day, a great bloke who will be dreadfully missed by all, but by no more so than his dear family...
Every minute I send my love and prayers to remain strong to them...
Gosh if it were Stu I dont know how i would wake up everyday!!!

It was a beautiful service
with such a touching slide show done by Beth - truely beautiful images of Trevors life and loves.
I dont think there was a dry eye in the house...

But one of the most special things about Trevors service
was the car that carried him to his final resting place.

Trevor and his father are HUGE car fanatics...
Honestly, appart from his dear family, life was his cars.
The funeral home man's father (Who must of also been in the funeral business)
Purchesed this Crysler Royal when he was 8 years old...
1954 or something he said...
$240 thousand dollars later, here is the vehicle that appropriately rolled up today
What a beauty
It bought tears to Stu's Dads eyes that this car was available to his son and it was so appropriate!
Jim (Stus Dad) has a couple of these in his shed... (Not the herse version obviously)
and to see this one fully restored bought him so much joy!!!

I know that a funeral isnt the most appropriate thing to share on a public blog, but i just wanted to share this lovely story about this car!!!
How such a seamingly small thing can mean so much to someone...

Now completely off that subject.....
Look at these cute little guys!!
Emelia came home from the horse paddock a couple of days ago with the story of how these little twins had made a home in the hay shed!!!
They are so cute and so friendly!
Someone has obviously dumped them and they found the warmest place they could in the shelter of the old hay.
One of them has a dodgy leg which is obviously why he was dumped, but we cant see anything wrong with the other one.
We think they are rhottwieller cross. Stumpy tail...
We will have to take them to the pound tomorrow.
We arent really equiped for a couple of potential quite big dogs!!
Although Emelia would love to keep them! They come to the whistle. We have named them Arnie and Danny from the movie Twins...
Do you want one???

New A2Z Scraplets.....

15th July also sees the new scraplet release from
Oh My Goodness I so LOVE these little guys!!!
I use them ALL the time, even when i dont have to because they are just so awesome!!!
Scrap with V has such a HUGE range of these guys...
Check them out here

This layout is using the new Birdcage 2 Shape
"Little Lady"

This layout is using the Li'l Range - Boats
"Three in the Boat"
This layout is using Bird 6
"What's in a Kiss"
Go check out all the other new releases at A2Z Scraplets Blog...
Then go shop for them at

Crafty Sketches - 15th July Sketch

This sketch is being brought to you by ME!!!
Crafty Sketches - 15th July...

And this is my layout...
"Backyard Play"

Give it a go and send your layouts in for some great prizes!!!
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