Saturday, July 25, 2009

WOW!!!!!! Look at what my girl did today!!!

Today we had the
Greg Swain Memorial Showjumping Day.....
Incidently, this was the first competition Emelia ever rode in last year...
So its 12 months now that Emelia has been riding
and she celebrated that in a big way today!!!!

I was out in the tech paddock with the sporting events as i was a helper, and Emelia came galloping up to me,
big smile on her face!!!!
With a BLUE RIBBON!!!!

She won a first place in the AM7 Showjump event!!!
This is HUGE!!!
She was so proud of herself, and i was so proud of her and Solo for doing so well!!!!
Look at the smile on her face......
Then it was the AM3...
I managed to catch her first clear round.....
Then she came galloping up again with
Oh My Goodness!!
Two of them!!!
Then it was the Power & Speed.
She is in E grade, where all new riders and new horses start regardless.
Riders are from 17 down to 7 in this grade...
Being that there are a few unsure riders, they have a optimum speed to do this event in...
The closest to that speed while not going over it win, and then its the closest or something like that.....

Emelia got a 4th place!!!
We are so thrilled for her!!
And this means that she now goes up to D Grade!!!
(Shes a bit worried about that!!! But she did jump D grade through the week, so after a bit of getting used to it she should be ok with it!)
Its been such a tiring 4 days...
And there is still one more day to go!!!!

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heirloomscrapping said...

WTG Emelia and Solo you should be so proud of your self look out Mum I can see a trip to the state championships coming up


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