Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Training Ground of Champions

Gunnedah Pony Club had the honor of spending their Rally Day out at Kibah.
Kibah is the home of Mrs Bud Hyem, an Olympic Equestrian Rider at the Tokyo Olympics and home of Two Gold Medal Winning Horses Kibah Tic Toc and Kibah Sandstone.

And seeing their training grounds its any wonder!!
This Cross Country Course is just amaising!!!

With all manner of jumps available, including water jumps and down hills jumps, but with about 5 levels to cater for all riders!
It was a fantastic day and Emelis developed so much confidence in this one day of riding!!!

Here are a few photos from the day..

This is the water jump.
Obviuously the kids are jumping to lower section, but there was another section that the horse had to leap up over a one metre platform, then leap up another platform of about a metre, and then jump down the other side, like 2 metres high!!! There is a hose thats there that fills all this section with water...

The leap up here is about 80cm high.
The tyre jumped ranged from this size right up to these huge tractor tyres standing on their ends.
Heaps of log jumps
And a river to cross which was a huge hit with everyone..
This photo is taken from the top of a downhill jump!!
None of the adults we game enough to take this jump!!
This was another jump that had us gasping!!!
More logs
This ones went to about a metre and half high

The barrels has had Emelia scared since she came off right at the beginning of her riding...
She conquered that fear today!!
It was a wonderful day and with such a small group of riders, the one on one tuition Emelia got today was wonderful!!
What a fantastic day!!


Lisa A said...

Way to go Emelia
What a great day you had, and we are all very proud of Solo as well

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

go emelia!!!

heirloomscrapping said...

WOW how awesome to be able to go there its an amazing chance and didn't you excell in the jumping your position is looking pretty good as well

Go Enelia

lindy said...

great pics Jodi..Em looks like she did well

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