Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainy Day Horse Fun

Emelia is taking part in a Mini Pony Camp this week..
Minus the Camp...
Today was day one..
We woke up to pouring rain and she has to ride to the showground..

But she got there in one piece
But Solo was being a total shit today!!
He reared and carried on! We though he was going to fall sideways at one stage,
he reared and leant to the side at which point Emelia just stepped off him very eliquantly!!!
But she regained some control to get him to jump...
He doesnt mind jumping, he just doesnt like leaving the other horses!!!

You can see how wet and horrible it is...

This is the first time she has done a double jump!!!

This is the first time Solo has gone over this jump too...
And not just one piggy bar but two!!!
But upon landing, she lost her footing and came a gutzer!!!
She didnt hurt herself thank goodness!
I was worried about her shoulder, but there was no pain.
So its another two days of instruction and then two days of competition...
Lets hope he is nice and tired by then to argue with her about doing as he is told!!!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Hi and those photos are just great!


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