Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Sad Goodbye... & Anyone want a cute little Puppy???

We laid Stu's brother Trevor to rest today...
It was a very sad day, a great bloke who will be dreadfully missed by all, but by no more so than his dear family...
Every minute I send my love and prayers to remain strong to them...
Gosh if it were Stu I dont know how i would wake up everyday!!!

It was a beautiful service
with such a touching slide show done by Beth - truely beautiful images of Trevors life and loves.
I dont think there was a dry eye in the house...

But one of the most special things about Trevors service
was the car that carried him to his final resting place.

Trevor and his father are HUGE car fanatics...
Honestly, appart from his dear family, life was his cars.
The funeral home man's father (Who must of also been in the funeral business)
Purchesed this Crysler Royal when he was 8 years old...
1954 or something he said...
$240 thousand dollars later, here is the vehicle that appropriately rolled up today
What a beauty
It bought tears to Stu's Dads eyes that this car was available to his son and it was so appropriate!
Jim (Stus Dad) has a couple of these in his shed... (Not the herse version obviously)
and to see this one fully restored bought him so much joy!!!

I know that a funeral isnt the most appropriate thing to share on a public blog, but i just wanted to share this lovely story about this car!!!
How such a seamingly small thing can mean so much to someone...

Now completely off that subject.....
Look at these cute little guys!!
Emelia came home from the horse paddock a couple of days ago with the story of how these little twins had made a home in the hay shed!!!
They are so cute and so friendly!
Someone has obviously dumped them and they found the warmest place they could in the shelter of the old hay.
One of them has a dodgy leg which is obviously why he was dumped, but we cant see anything wrong with the other one.
We think they are rhottwieller cross. Stumpy tail...
We will have to take them to the pound tomorrow.
We arent really equiped for a couple of potential quite big dogs!!
Although Emelia would love to keep them! They come to the whistle. We have named them Arnie and Danny from the movie Twins...
Do you want one???

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Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
How much Kosmo would like a new friend, its just not the right time otherwise i would drive up and take one...Love the photos of the car

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