Friday, July 17, 2009

Snow!!!! Only 100 odd Kms away!!!

Theres snow in demdar hills!!!!
This is a photo taken by Kim from Narrabri from her property at the foot of the Kaputar Ranges...
When I lived in Narrabri, you could stand on the front verandah of our house and look to the mountains and see the snow if there was a decent fall of it...

But these photos were taken by Kim this morning when they ventured to the top!!

How gorgeous is this....
Wouldnt it be lovely to live in this winter wonderland... although i am sure if you were doing in year in and year out it would be a bit average!!!

Thanks for letting me share your photos Kim!!


Jackie / Kate said...

Just makes me want to build a snowman !! lol

phillipa said...

Hope Lindy doesn't see this...she might cancel our retreat weekend!!
I love living where it snows!!


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