Saturday, July 31, 2010

Altered Frames......

Im a bit of a fan of altering my frames.......
Im bored by just plain wood ones now.
Looking for something that stands out...
So i bought this one from the reject shop for $20.
What i do to alter them is so simple..
I usually do these while i am cooking tea, or someone other boring task!
First i make sure i pick a frame thats a nice colour to show through.
This one was brown.
I then use a crackle medium, such as Jo Sonias or Folkart.
Give it a good coat and leave to dry.
Then i paint a thick coat of a cream paint either Jo Sonias or Kaierpaint.
Let that dry and crackle.
Then i paint a gloss finish over it.
I tied some green tara ribbon around the top
I sprayed a A2Z Scraplet word
"Pieces of Me"
with Tattered Angels glimmer mist
and then strengthened it with Dimensional Magic.
Glue that over the ribbon.
With the matting,
i used some Tattered Angles stencils
and Tattered Angles glimmer mist to give it some interest....
Put it all together
(Dont brake the corner of the glass like i did!!)
then your done!!!

I used a similar technique for this frame
And similar for this one too
which was the Masters OTP i did last year.
The only difference is the paint colours.
Cause i did an undercoat of green
and then the top coat was a mixture of browns, creams..... etc

Colour Combo Challenge #153

This is my first
They are harder than you think hey!!!
Had to pull papers from the depths for this one...
And then i had no embellies what so ever
so its kinda plain jane for me!!!

Shannara'sSaturday Mix # 22 - Experiment

I found this wonderful photography blog
last week
This weeks challenge is just to experiment with a photo any how any way...

I was wanting a photo for a layout i was doing
I wanted this photo
But i wanted it on this background...
So using Microsoft Picture It Publishing, i cut them out of both photos
and then using Photo Explosion i cloned the background....
Then pasted the photo i wanted onto my new background
Using Photoshop Elements, i played around with the colours a bit.
Until i got the photo i was looking for for my layout.......

Friday, July 30, 2010

Some more A2Z Layouts

Here are some more
being featured on their blog tonight.
"The Ride"
Featuring Tribal Tattoos Scraplets....
(Shh, but i call them flames ok!!)
"Just Because" Word
And also Corner 24
"Happiness Is" Word
Tribal Tatoos...aka Flames
And Coggs shapes
Go check out the A2Z Blog for more inspiration here

Movie Review - "Toy Story 3"

Emelia & I went on a date tonight to see
Toy Story 3
Andy is 17 and off to College.....
And let me just say this!!
There is lots of adult comedy in this movie ok!
Just because you weren't laughing
(The 6 year old sitting in front of me)
Doesn't mean it wasn't funny!
So stop telling me to Shut Up OK!!
I paid my money too!!!
Great movie.......
A must see for toy lovers what ever age...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Photo Story Friday.....

You may recall last Fridays Photo Story....
so shiny and adorable!!!
In his nice new bright blue rug....its tucked under his old green one for protection.
Today's photo story, is also about Solo....
But look at his lovely new rug now.
This is what i was greeted with at the paddock yesterday
after some rain....
Hang on.... its gets worse!!
And you know how he wasn't wanting any cuddles...
Guess what??
he has now decided he wants cuddles....
But i told him, no cuddles until he cleans himself up a little bit!!
he his like a pig this horse,
he loves his mud puddles!!!
Emelia was riding him once before down the river,
and he just dropped down to roll in the mud saddle and all!!!
He is so naughty!!
but so adorable!!
Its good to see he is getting back to his normal mischief-making self again!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Review - Evernight by Claudia Grey

Here is another Teen Vampire Series....
Really enjoyable read....
Once again, just slightly different in the story..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

A2Z Scraplets Inspirations

Ive just had some projects loaded onto
If you want some inspiration,
go check it out!!

"You're A Star" frame
"Wonder Moments Cherish"
Using these great new shields.

Saturday Mix Photo Challenge - Flying

I found another photo challenge site.....
Here theme this week is FLYING!!!
Of course, there are several photos that would suit this theme...
There is Emelia & Solo
Then there is
Jesse & a Steer...
Then this special flying move from
Random Cowboy & Angry Steer
Take your pick!!!

I heart Faces - Week 30 Purple Photo Challenge

This week at I heart Faces
is all about Purple

As usual, my photo fodder
is my daughter Emelia...
(What i am going to do next year when she is away at school!!)
Wanted: Daughter to use as photo fodder!! lol
She looks awesome in her little races dress....

Macro Monday - Noogoora Burr

I went down the paddock the other day
remember when i was ignoring Solo....
and i was taking photos???
These are some of the photos i took
for Lisa's Macro Monday!!!
Go check out her blog, she is taking awesome photos everyday for five years!!
What a challenge!!!

So I found these Noogoora Burrs...
With the Macro setting
the images are stunning.
Even the old barbed wire fence in the background...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Webster's Pages Inspire Me - July Challenge

Along with Prima
my other fav manufacturer is Websters...
other than scraplets of course!! lol

Here is my july challenge
"She's a head full of curls"
That adorable curly haired child is me!!! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Seen this movie yet?

Ive just finished watching it for the second time!
I hired it on Tuesday... and loved it,
so got it again for tonight!!!
I just love this movie!
I laugh and i cry!
It has the music of Taylor Swift and it just makes you cry in places!
Just love it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Review & Photo Story Friday

Bridgette and I went for a look at Big W
a couple of weeks ago,
and she told me i had to read this series.....
This one i found out was book 19 in a series that so far has about 21 books!!
But i followed the story ok
and have now bought the first 4 books on ebay!!

Kinda interesting book...
A bit different from the Teen fiction ive been reading lately.
This is ADULT fiction
the story was heaps more detailed
and Oh My Goodness, the sex scenes!!
These were things my husband would enjoy more than me!!
It was very um..... descriptive!!!!

But i really enjoyed it non the less
and i will read them all......
Now Solo
Here is my Photo Story Friday Post
I think Solo is having emotional issues
with the loss of Cimmi.
So ive done some reading on Google
and we need to spend a little more one on one time with him.
Emelia is away for a few days
so its my time to bond with him.
I took a brush down and thought id give him a brush..
he wouldn't come up to me for a pat
He was just waiting for his food!!!
See, sticking his nose in the food shed!
So I fed him
and he wouldn't talk to me at all...
Just making a big old dusty mess with his food...
So i told him, ok then, if you dont want to talk i will go and take some Macro shots around the paddock.
So i left him there to eat his food and he came out of the stable to watch me.
So i felt sorry for him and went back in and just brushed him a bit while he was eating....
When he was done i told him i was going.
He followed me out again,
so i just walked around the paddock taking photos.
He didn't want a pat though
i couldn't touch him, he would just jerk away.
So i just kept talking photos and talking to him.
Then he came and grabbed hold of my camera bag..
But i just ignored him, and he kept grabbing it.
Finally he let me give him a cuddle.
And then he didn't want me to leave...
He followed me up the fence
and was still standing there when i jumped our fence to come inside...
Poor little bloke!!!

Prima July BAP

I havent had time to do one of these for a little while....
Here is Julys BAP from Prima

A 2 Z Scraplets July New Releases

Here are some of this months new releases
Love love love these...
uses using NEW Scraplets "Doodlet 31 - Set of 2" & "Ceremony - Word" ...
uses Scraplets Word & Shapes - Lamp Post
Love the lamp post and shields..
I have also used them in a couple of other layouts too....
This one is
THere is a story which is around the layout... of which i wont share on this as its kinds private, but its how these guys met!!
And i am going to their wedding next month, for which i am also decorating!!!
And another lamp post..
Plus the corner words..

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