Sunday, July 4, 2010

Solo's Revenge

Emelia and Solo went to a Rally Day today...
Not usually all that stressful,
except Emelia hasn't fed Solo for three days!!
So today he was looking for REVENGE!!!

He tried to run away when we caught him
but his tummy got the better of him and that was no big deal
But the first thing on the menu today
was jumping!!!
Usually a good thing
Eventually he did jump a couple of jumps
Then he decided to lay it on!!!
Nothing we haven't seen before....
Typical stuff!
I told Emelia this morning when we caught him,
"Solo is going to get revenge on you today for not feeding him!"
But its always entertaining for everyone!
Its no a rally day unless Solo rears up!
He was happy to get home to have a roll though..
He is so cute!
Too human for his own good!!

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