Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little Sneaky peeky!!

I just wanted to share with you a little sneaky
picture of this totally awesome project 
I just completed!!

Its going to be featured in an upcoming
Scrapbook Creations Magazine
and was made especially for this!

But because i haven't shown much of my scrapping lately
due to my making lots and lots of Design Team new lines
and CHA stuff
I thought i would just share this.....

This is the top of the "thing"

And this is the glasswork
which i also did using a special technique I have come across recently!
Which will also be shared in an upcoming article....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Medal has arrived!!!

After my return from the 
Pacific (Not National as i thought) Region Archery Championships
I had a story featured in the local rag!
It was quiet a good story, mainly focussing on my success
after the dreadful accident with my bow a couple of days before!
I thought i was very clever finding a shirt to match my bow for the photo!!! hehe

Anyway. today i got my medal!!
As I mentioned before, we had to leave due to local flooding and couldn't hang around
for the presentation of the medals...
Very Sad! :(
But its here now, so i thought i would show you!!

And her is closer!

So now its all official.... Yay!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Photos of Emelia to share....

My Baby girl is home again
and for a few more weeks this trip around!
Its between Semesters at College.
They did Cert I & II last Semester
and then Cert III starting July.

So now she is home, i have access to some much needed photos!!!
Here they are at Intercol.
This is an event where they travelled to Long Reach Ag College
and participate in Horse and Motorbike events.
Emelia liked this roan horse..

Here she is doing some cutting...
The beast is a stuffed white thing on a run wire...

Here they are riding on the farm...

This is one of the foals at college..
She was able to get really close to it. So adorable!

Come on and jump in my car!!
Here the girls are at Woolworths!!
All sharing a ride!
 Perfect timing for a layout challenge this photo!!

Its nice to have her home..
And she bought her room mate and best friend Zara with her this time.
Its so funny to listen to them talk, they are like twins!
Finishing sentences for each other and talking their own language!
So funny!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colour Combos Galour #197

Ive been scrapping up a storm lately,
doing lots of lovely KaiserCraft items for CHA,
but I cant share those...
So I did a layout lastnight just for the purpose of sharing something on my blog!
Its looking a bit sad lately!!!

So here is this weeks Colour Combos Challenge
Loved this palette, but i had to dig into the scrapstash archives
and found some My Minds Eye papers that matched..

Its called
"Through the Scope"

This is me taking aim at a target that is 80 yards away!!
Thats a long long way with a little arrow!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shabby Ornate Lamp

Here is a little look at what i have been working on for ages!!!
I bought this lamp from the Reject Shop
and then decorated with fabric, Kaisercraft Flowers
and Prima Flowers...

I have done a bit of an experiment with lead lighting on the glass.
I found a pattern through google images
and used Semco Leading Paint to go around the image.
The paint was obviously old cause its so lumpy!
Then using Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze added some colour..

Im really happy with how it turned out!

Some Recent Balloon Work

I havent loaded many scrapping things lately,
but rest assured Ive made heaps of stuff..
But they are secret Kaiser things, so you will have to be patient!! Hehe

But the other thing that kept me so busy this week is functions!!!
It started with the opening of a new TLife store in Tamworth...

I had to do the arch and 150 single balloons on sticks!

Then on Friday there was the Deb of the Year Ball at the PCYC
Im hoping someone got better photos than mine!
Mine are all too dark!

Here is the staging with Arch, columns and bubbles down the back.

Here is a circular view of the room.
I did the fairy lights across the ceiling, the backdrop,
all the staging and centrepieces..
Plus some columns around the room.

Then on Saturday there was the opening of a new shoe shop in town.
And of course what better way to show all things shoes
is a giant stiletto... made from balloons..
This is a prototype, after some minor improvements, im sure it will be a huge hit for parties,
21st and sweet 16s and things... 

Then another 60th Party on Saturday..
I do these all the time
but these are special cause they are pink & green, so i thought i would share!! hehe

Ive nearly finished making a latern, complete with lead light glass,
so will show you when im done!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some More Archery Photos

The ABA site has some more archery photos,
so i thought i would share...

This is the conditions we shot in 3 out of 4 days!!
Notice all the brollies!
This is during a shoot off at the end of the weekend!
Can you believe that after shooting 112 arrows over the weekend, people shoot the same score!!

I liked this photo of all the Robin Hooders.....

And more rain...

Here is a photo that was taken of Me and Sarah.
Im in the stripes!! Hehe

And here is Stu. He is closest to the camera.

And I am so devoed, that i couldn't stay for the presentation!
How often would a person get the opportunity to share a podium with these girls!
I should have been on the left in Third place, but had to get out due to flooding!
Hopefully my medal will turn up soon! :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

International Field Arhcery Association (IFAA) National Championships Glouster

After spending 4 days shooting and camping in the pouring rain, we are now going to purchase a camper van!!  Yay!

We knew the rain forecast before we went,
but knowing that its going to rain when your planning to camp in tents
and then actually experiencing heavy rain when your camping in tents are two
completely different things!!!

We heading off to Gloucester on Thursday
a bit of a convoy of Gunnedah Archers..

We stopped at the lookout at the Barrington Tops....
It was breathtaking!!
(Have you ever seen the kids movies about Little Foot and her other dinosaur friends?  I think this is where they lived! I can just see them looking for water matching through the valley with their herd! Such cute movies!!)

We got to Avon Archers on Thursday just after lunch
and the day was fine, but so so cold!!!!!

This is me with so many layers on, i cant keep count of them anymore... I am eating tea in the tent!

We froze that night! Oh My God it was so cold!!!!!
We were sleeping on a feather doona over 2 different mattresses about a foot thick in all. A folded out sleeping bag and then another blanket. flannelette sheets, then another blanket, a doona, another rug! and froze! So I added trackies and a hooded jumper plus my beanie! Froze! Then i also added another two blankets one under me and one over me and i was warm enough to finally fall asleep!!!

Stu and I weren't the only suckers though...
There were a few of us!!

So round one on Friday the weather was quiet nice, but really cold!!
This is a photo of the 80 yard shot.
Both these girls are A grade girls. One travels all over the world for archery including about to compete at Vagas. The other lady on the right is with the Institute of Sport training for the Commonwealth Games.

It was so scary coming into the competition with the very limited lead up i had.
The last time i competed at National Level, Id been hitting the gym for six months to build up my shoulders and shooting hundred of arrows a week! 
On top of that, my bow was a finely tuned machine
and i had the assurance that i was comfortable in B grade with no pressure, just there to play archery!!!

But because i hadn't shot archery in 3 years, i went into this ungraded which meant i was in A Grade!!
With ladies like the above!! Eeek!!
But i came in after day one sitting in 3rd place! I was so pleaded that i hadn't just embarrassed myself!! 
My bow was so reliable!!! Very consistent with its distances, which is so important!!

Day two and the rain started!!!
8.30am hooter and this is us! Rugged up with rain coats and umbrellas and mud boots!

It was pouring rain!
Not impressed!

But after day two and shooting a Personal Best, I was still sitting in 3rd so i was stoked!!!

Here is Me & Stu all rugged up in the tent!!
It was pouring down!!

More rain night and day on Sunday and still sitting in 3rd.
Then the final day started in the pouring rain but managed to ease off into the shoot!
My shoulder however just wasnt handling things really well at all!
My neck and should that holds the bow in place was so sore!
Tears would come to my eyes just holding it in place.
After a bit of a rough start, i still finished in 3rd place
which meant a BRONZE MEDAL for me
in A GRADE!!!
You have no idea how massive this is for me! WOW!

Then there was the pack up and mess!!!

Due to the heavy rain and possible flooding, we had to get out as soon as possible.
So i didn't hang around for the presentation of the medals! :(
But i will share photos when it turns up!!!

Celebrating the big wet! 

The kids loved it too!!

It was so good to be home in a warm bed last night!!!
And next time, there will be no tents!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Big News............

It was a huge shock when i got the email over the weekend that I managed to 
snag a place on one of my favorite Sketch Blogs....
Cant wait to share some awesome sketches with you in the coming months!

Friday, June 10, 2011

KaiserCraft Design Team 2011-2012.....

I made it!!!
I made the Design Team for KaiserCraft!!!!
Can you believe it!! OMG! I'm so excited!!!

Check out the others who made the team here

I'm so looking forward to bringing to Kaiser Fans lots of Kaiser Awesomeness
over the next 12 months!
I will also be a moderator for the Kaiser Forum too, so you can come and join in conversations and challenges over there....
Here is a link.

I would like to share with you my final submission using June New Releases
Velvet Ensemble & Pink Gelato

First of the layout

Make your photos into a film strip:

-          I have used Microsoft Publisher 2007. I googled the public images for film strip and copied it into my program
-          I then just layered my photos over the film strip, cropped and positioned them.
-          Added a black border to all the images.
-          I also used “Actions” in PSE9 to change the appearance of the photos to give that old world feel to them.
-          And also used photos taken with my hipstamatic iphone app.

Here are some closeups..

The little concertina flowers are handmade with brad centers.
and the ticket real was cut from patterned paper and rolled to give that effect

"Trinket Box" from the Pink Gelato Range

I cant wait to share some more projects with you soon!!!
Make sure you are a follower or stay updated on my blog posts with the subscription application on the top right of page....
Wish me luck!  XX

Monday, June 6, 2011

Macro Monday - Cicada

 While i was out on the range over the weekend
I took advantage of all the little
interesting things one finds in the bush
especially for Macro Monday!

I didn't have my Canon 500D with me,
just my iphone 4!
I thought how hard it was to get close up shots with my digi camera,
imagine how hard its going to be with my iphone!
and it was totally hard to get clear Macro Shots!

So I went to the Itunes Apps
and put in Macro Camera in the search
and it came up with a 32X Camera App!!
And its perfect!
I can get closer with my iphone than what i can with the Macro Setting on my Camera!!!

So here is the Cicada Shell I found.
They make the most noise these creatures
and they shed their shells regularly leaving them clinging onto

Here is what he normally looks like!
The high pitched mating call they make can reach up to 120 decibels!!!

(I found this photo at Howstuffwords)

If you want to join in Macro Monday
see Lisa's Chaos Blog here

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Punky Scraps Blog Hop - My Final Challenge

Im saying a sad farewell to Punky Scraps!
What a fun 6 months I spent with these guys...
Nat had just started off the challenge blog and i feel proud that i was one of
the original DT.
I will also add, that due to this DT spot, i became such a huge fan of all things 
messy, which is what Punky Scraps is all about!!!

With this in mind
I introduce my final Blog Hop for Punky Scraps.

If your following the Punky Blog hop
you will have just arrived from Elins Blog
Or if you have stumbled across my blog and would like to join in
Please start at the beginning at the
There will be lots of prizes along the way, so dont miss any of the 
Blogs or you might miss out on something awesome!

If you are new to my blog, please become a follower and leave a comment
that you have become a follower and i will be sending out
an awesome scrappy prize to new followers!
If your already a follower, please also leave a comment and i will be sending a prize out
to a random number selection after the blog hop!
Which concludes on the 12th June.

Here is the Weeks Sketch Challenge from 
Punky Scraps

And here is my layout

I have used Punchinella (Sequin Waste) to make a stamp.
I have rubbed ink over it
and then pressed it onto the paper!
Love the effect!!!
The House & Car are super old October Afternoon Die Cuts!!

Next person on the Punky Blog Hop is
the amazing Marie

Dont forget add yourself to my followers
and leave a comment.....
Thanks for stopping by, 
enjoy the rest of the blog hop! 

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