Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Medal has arrived!!!

After my return from the 
Pacific (Not National as i thought) Region Archery Championships
I had a story featured in the local rag!
It was quiet a good story, mainly focussing on my success
after the dreadful accident with my bow a couple of days before!
I thought i was very clever finding a shirt to match my bow for the photo!!! hehe

Anyway. today i got my medal!!
As I mentioned before, we had to leave due to local flooding and couldn't hang around
for the presentation of the medals...
Very Sad! :(
But its here now, so i thought i would show you!!

And her is closer!

So now its all official.... Yay!


Kirsty said...

Congrats!!! Very very cool :)

phillipa said...

Congrats Jodes!! WTG!! Nice photo of you in the local rag.
It must be great to have Emelia home again for a while!!

Lisa A said...

congratulations jodi..i must check out your story in your local rag when i get back to work tomorrow
going to update my blog its been a while you better check it out cause you will be one of my subjects of posting

KRAFTY pearl said...

amazing, jodi! you're so multi-talented!!! congratulations!


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