Friday, June 3, 2011

An Inland Sea

There are some wonderful things about getting up with the sun and going for a walk....
The crisp clean morning air.....
But what is this i see...
Is it garbage?,
a couple of dogs sleeping?
Upon closer inspection i note that they are dead black wild pigs!
Left at the front gutter of someones house overnight!!!!
Eeekkk! Yukko!
Not the most pleasant thing to see first thing of a morning!

But the morning did shape up better!
The town was covered in fog this morning!!
It was so beautiful and eery!
Like an inland sea!

The fog looked like a giant wave!!
You cant see it that well with these iphone photos
but in real life it was amaising!!

National Archery Titles Prep:

Well, we have a two day shoot here over the weekend in preparation for the
National Archery Titles 
over the long weekend!
I have been trying to get my bow shot in all week!
The last time i used it my scores dropped really big time
and i put it down to just being tired and not arrow fit!
But trying to shoot the bow in there were
so many inconsistencies
and i just couldn't get a group!
Stu says its because i haven't shot in a while,
but i knew something was wrong!
I mean i can shoot really good groups all the time!
So I wasn't convinced it was me!
Anyway, i arrowed up and got ready to shoot and pressed the trigger
and SNAP!
The arrow went off to the right somewhere..
and there was a ill feeling!
Nothing went well after that!
And it just got worse and worse!
So i think i have blown it up, cracked the limbs because of the dry fire!!!
Just perfect!
Another girl in the club has a spare bow though
that fits me and is left handed!
So i will shoot that tomorrow and see how we go!
I think the draw length is a bit long though! :(


Beth said...

WTH? Pigs?
Cool photos though and good luck in your preparations!

Lisa A said...

Aren you going to scrap these photos of the cloud.............


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