Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some More Archery Photos

The ABA site has some more archery photos,
so i thought i would share...

This is the conditions we shot in 3 out of 4 days!!
Notice all the brollies!
This is during a shoot off at the end of the weekend!
Can you believe that after shooting 112 arrows over the weekend, people shoot the same score!!

I liked this photo of all the Robin Hooders.....

And more rain...

Here is a photo that was taken of Me and Sarah.
Im in the stripes!! Hehe

And here is Stu. He is closest to the camera.

And I am so devoed, that i couldn't stay for the presentation!
How often would a person get the opportunity to share a podium with these girls!
I should have been on the left in Third place, but had to get out due to flooding!
Hopefully my medal will turn up soon! :(

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