Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preparation for the National IFAA Archery Titles....

Can you believe that my Matthews Prestige bow has been sitting in the cupboard
as good as gold since 2006
just coming out every now and then and shooting fine!
I pull it out yesterday to get everything sighted properly for the IFAA practice shoot 
at the range this weekend
for the Nationals next weekend!
I fire the second arrow and BANG!!!!
Talk about bloody typical!!
But there is another left handed shooter in the club with a similar draw length
to me and she had a spare hunting bow!
So it looks like my new bow is a spider Camo bow!
(And there are now pink bows on the market too!! Grr)
But beggers cant be choosers!
It would mean ordering a bow and waiting for months!
The Matthews bow I had to wait for 4 months!

So this is what the new one looks like.
This photo doesn't really show the colour, but its kind of a flat silver 
overlayed with black spider web design
And silver strings.

IFAA archery we shoot from about 11 Yards through to 80 yards!
80 yards is a long way away!!!

Here is another photo of it...

This is Stu on the 80 yard shot!

You can hardly even see what your shooting at let alone hit it!!

See this little guy....
It was huge about 2cm!
We call him Julia!
He has a big red head and you have to watch your back!!

We have more archery tomorrow all day!
Wish me luck, I am so tired!!


phillipa said...

Great to see you back into it Jodi. Am thinking of you often.xx

lindy said...

Good luck for today Jodes ...oh what a bugger about the bow i can just imagine what you said lol!! and now to get used to another bow dam!


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