Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Recent Balloon Work

I havent loaded many scrapping things lately,
but rest assured Ive made heaps of stuff..
But they are secret Kaiser things, so you will have to be patient!! Hehe

But the other thing that kept me so busy this week is functions!!!
It started with the opening of a new TLife store in Tamworth...

I had to do the arch and 150 single balloons on sticks!

Then on Friday there was the Deb of the Year Ball at the PCYC
Im hoping someone got better photos than mine!
Mine are all too dark!

Here is the staging with Arch, columns and bubbles down the back.

Here is a circular view of the room.
I did the fairy lights across the ceiling, the backdrop,
all the staging and centrepieces..
Plus some columns around the room.

Then on Saturday there was the opening of a new shoe shop in town.
And of course what better way to show all things shoes
is a giant stiletto... made from balloons..
This is a prototype, after some minor improvements, im sure it will be a huge hit for parties,
21st and sweet 16s and things... 

Then another 60th Party on Saturday..
I do these all the time
but these are special cause they are pink & green, so i thought i would share!! hehe

Ive nearly finished making a latern, complete with lead light glass,
so will show you when im done!

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Toni said...

absolutely love your balloons... you are so clever!


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