Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Protest Ride in Sydney against the rising costs of CTPs for Motorbikes

There was a roar in Sydney today
as 3000 bikers headed to Parliment house in protest
to the rising costs of CTPs.
See Story Here
Motorbikes lined the streets
and police were prolific as bikers gathered to be heard

Stu was amongst them!!
He headed down yesterday with couple of biker mates
and converged on Parliament House today!!
Something to tell the grandkids......

New Kits designed by Me, Scrap with V

Ive had the pleasure this month of doing a kit for
Kits have gone on sale today....
Featuring awesome Websters Pages!! Love Websters!!
Great for photos of a formal event, or a night out.
"Princess for a Day"
Kit comes with all items needed to complete this kit.
Bargain priced!!!
Be quick, limited stocks available!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Heart Faces - Week 35 "Photojournalism"

This week at I Heart Faces
we have to choose a photo that is journalistic in style
or a collage of photos....
Im not sure what journalistic is...
But my collage certainly tells a story....
Going.... going.....gone.....

Pop by I heart faces to see more photojournalistic photos...

Views over Gunnedah

Spring in Gunnedah is always so pretty.....
There's not much colour at the moment, but we are starting to see some yellow sneak through...
Gunnedah is surrounded by Canola crops in September/October
they are all the yellow
and it looks superb!!!
These photos are taken from our lookout "Porky"
I love how it looks out over the mountains...
And then on the other side
looking out over the plains....
You can see where all the water was sitting a couple of weeks ago with the flooding..
Its all dead and brown
But its such a pretty little town at the moment..
Lovely and green
Then as the start was dropping i caught this silhouette shot
And in the photo below,
the street we can see is the one that leads to our place...
I love Gunnedah, there is no better place to live!

Creative Scrappers Sketch #118

I was looking for some creative the other night
and i came across this sketch site
This is sketch no 118
"Brand New Wheels"
Used some of the remains of my
Storyboard Kit for this layout

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Colour Room Palette #21

Here is this weeks Palette....
And this is my layout...
"Beautiful You"
We were also challenged to make a card with the left overs...
I dont do cards, but i tried!
"Its your Birthday"

Brand New (But Old) Car at our place

Well, we have reached the stage in our lives where we are four householders
and four cars at our place
with the arrival of Emelias New (Old) Car...
Stu found it on the internet....
Its so cute
and so suited to Emelia
Its 20 years old
but in really good nick
And no doubt is going to be loved to death...
This is the best thing about the car according to Emelia...
The Doof Doof in the boot!!!
She turns up the music and the whole car rattles..
Its just a little car after all!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Scraplets from A2Z Scraplets.....

"living In Paradise"
Features the phrase, "Living in Paradise" &
Scraplets Corner #24
"Race Against the Clock"
Has Stickers from Time Flies and Also a corner scroll
"Once in a Lifetime"
has "Once in a lifetime" phrase
and Corner scroll and also the dressmakers model...
And scraplets Stickers...
Go to the A2Z Blog to check out more new releases

Featured Layout on "The Colour Room"

Oh My Goodness!!
This is so exciting!!!!
My layout is fdeatured on "The Colour Room"
Here is the real thing, done at the retreat last weekend!!!

Colour Combo #155

I like running a week behind with these things...
i hope soon to catch up!!!
This is Rachel and Choppa at their wedding...
I think the photo suited these colours perfectly!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bring me home something Yummy!!

I was cooking tea,
and Stu and Emelia were taking the DVDs back...
I was craving something, anything!!
So i txt Stu, "Bring me home something yummy"
This is what i got...
2 bunches of daffodils
and some Caramello Nipples (he called them!!)
Its the tiniest things that are so special...

New Movie for all you Vampire Fans!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I heart Faces - Week 34 Beach Fun Photo Challenge

This week at I Heart Faces
they are doing Beach Fun Photos....
So here is mine....
This was taken in January 2009 at the Gold Coast....

My Weekends Work

Here are some layouts i did at the retreat...
A couple i cant share yet.. you will have to wait!!
This one is from Lisa Warrens Storyboard Kits...
"Under Lights..."

This is also from that kit

"On Parade"
The flowers on this layout are handmade from patterned paper, thanks Kerry!!! And another from the kit

August Prima BAP Layout

"Sweet Pure and Innocence"

This was a scraplift layout from Scrap with V

inspired by the styles of Ingvild Bolme

"Play Time"

The Colour Room

Palette #20

"Precious Moments"

August Websters Inspire Me Scraplift Challenge

My Daughter. My Life
And a project for

Angels r Scrappin

"Aprilia Power"

So it was quiet a productive weekend..

Papercrafts Retreat @ Keepit

What a spectacular setting for a fun weekend!!!!!
And after a very rainy week
the weather came out in force for us!!
it was glorious!!!
After so many years of drought
the damn is about 50% capacity now
and looks awesome!
Amongst some of the hilarity
was the "Geeks and Nerds" night!!!
I mean, im a pretty big Geek just because i am,
who needs to dress up for that!!!
So with the help of my son
i decided to go as an "Online Gaming Nerd in Character"
I wore a World of Warcraft t shirt
and dressed as one of the WOW Characters
and Elf.
It made for some photos!!!
And lots of laughter!!!
I mean, i dont mind being the dickhead that everyone is laughing at!!! lol
My dear friends
Lindy, Phillipa, Kerry & Jules joined me at the retreat
so we had to have the commemorative photos!!

Its kinda sad to come back to reality after so many laughs and jokes
having your huge delicious meals made for you
and no washing up!!!
There is always so much food at these things!!!!
It was a great weekend!!
Thanks so much Deb Godley for organising this!!
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