Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nine lives.......................

I know i don't post many things about the pussy cat.....
We aren't best mates,
Im not really a cat person
But after the episode the other day, i am really going to try harder!!!
He is Stus and the kids cat.
We've had him for over 11 years. Im thinking its more like 12 or 13.
Anyway, he has been having very fitful sleeps during the day lately,
he stays inside all day and sleeps with the kids on the couch while they watch tv.
He was snoozing next to Emelia the other day when he flew out of the chair all disorientated and hit the hallway wall really hard heart first.
He fell to the floor and fitted dreadfully!!!
We called Stu and he though he might be choking, so Stu started trying to help the cat move whatever was in his throat.
Anyway the fit went on for about 2 minutes
and Stu was still squeezing him
but he stopped breathing.
Stu said, "We've lost him"
But Stu was still trying to squeeze him and kinda trying to help him get some air into his lungs.
After a few moments, we saw his chest moving and he was breathing irregularly.
After a while he came too, and he was meowing and trying to orientate himself.
He couldn't see, and he couldn't move for a while.
We gave him reassurance and eventually he got up and just walked inside.
At this stage we had him out on the back deck and you know when Animals die they loose their body fluids....
So he came back inside and just looked around.
Stu gave him some chicken and he pounced on it, so we realised he was going to be ok.
We rang the vet and apparently its common for cats to get epilepsy at this age, and its hard to treat through medication...
So we just have to keep an eye on him.
But he is feeling much better and very loved and he now stays inside all night and all day... so he is very happy about it!!!

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Clare said...

Oh poor baby!!! this is such a familiar story Jodie. My cat Bert has epilepsy and has had it since he was 1 years old. The same thing happened while he was sleeping and we thought he was choking but his mouth was firmly locked. He then went totally still and we thought we had lost him. All of a sudden he came to and got to his feet and he began pacing around and rubbing himself against everything as if he had never seen it before. He also eats for England after a fit!!! after he followed with 3 more he was then put onto medication and is now on Phenabarbitone and Potassium Bromide twice a day. There are treatments and they are drugs which humans take for Epilepsy. Maybe they are not medicating because this maybe a one off or because of his age??? the drugs Bert is on have controlled his seizures a lot more and the longest he has been without as far as we know is 8 months. They do have to increase his dosage from time to time but he is much better.
Lets hope that this is a one off and he will be fine. We have to keep an eye on Bert as sometimes the meds also make him a bit wobbly and both our furbabies are indoor cats but i always make sure they can go in the back yard when i am around. Email me anytime hun if you want any more info and i will be glad to help. Fingers crossed. Big hugs to you and the furry one. Love Clare xxx

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