Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking the Babies

It was such a gorgeous day today
so we decided to take a walk along the new
Wandabah Walking Path....
So of course, Emelia wanted to come
and Solo was well over due for a trip out of the paddock....
So off we all went... me on foot!!
IT was a beautifully sunny day
we walked past the lawn cemetery and it looked so nice
at the foothills of ... well some hills...
Doesn't it look like a lovely spot to spend eternity!
Solo hasnt been out of the paddock since he dumped Emelia into the jump a few weeks ago. We just kept him in the paddock and gave him lots of love there.....
So he was so fat and lazy!!
I lead the way most of the way
Until he felt it was time for a snuggle...
He would sneak up behind me for a cuddle
and a kiss
or to blow in my ear!!!
He think he likes the piggy tail that bounces from side to side..
he tries to grab it with his lips..
He wont bite, but does just like to nip with his lips.
The path runs along the run off area and after heavy rain there is usually a little creek..
Like there was today.
It was lovely to see all the wattle flowering...
There are a couple of bridges along the walking track too...
Solo didn't like the look of them,
but once i took the lead
he just followed me over them..
Good training for the Cross Country Event he will be doing in a couple of weekends...
And here we are on the way home...
He was out in front going home!!
But we walked past the showground and he stopped to look in.... I suppose looking for his horsey friends...
I don't know how many kilometres the walk was but it feels like it could have been a few!! My bum muscles are a bit sore!!!
That's all for today...

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jazsutra said...

Hi there Jodie,
just dropping by here to let you know that you have been pciked as the winner for webster's pages july challenge. i hope you can pm me your address soon;)Congratulations! that page is gorgeous!!! luv,jaz (wp dt)

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