Monday, August 30, 2010

Views over Gunnedah

Spring in Gunnedah is always so pretty.....
There's not much colour at the moment, but we are starting to see some yellow sneak through...
Gunnedah is surrounded by Canola crops in September/October
they are all the yellow
and it looks superb!!!
These photos are taken from our lookout "Porky"
I love how it looks out over the mountains...
And then on the other side
looking out over the plains....
You can see where all the water was sitting a couple of weeks ago with the flooding..
Its all dead and brown
But its such a pretty little town at the moment..
Lovely and green
Then as the start was dropping i caught this silhouette shot
And in the photo below,
the street we can see is the one that leads to our place...
I love Gunnedah, there is no better place to live!


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