Monday, August 23, 2010

Papercrafts Retreat @ Keepit

What a spectacular setting for a fun weekend!!!!!
And after a very rainy week
the weather came out in force for us!!
it was glorious!!!
After so many years of drought
the damn is about 50% capacity now
and looks awesome!
Amongst some of the hilarity
was the "Geeks and Nerds" night!!!
I mean, im a pretty big Geek just because i am,
who needs to dress up for that!!!
So with the help of my son
i decided to go as an "Online Gaming Nerd in Character"
I wore a World of Warcraft t shirt
and dressed as one of the WOW Characters
and Elf.
It made for some photos!!!
And lots of laughter!!!
I mean, i dont mind being the dickhead that everyone is laughing at!!! lol
My dear friends
Lindy, Phillipa, Kerry & Jules joined me at the retreat
so we had to have the commemorative photos!!

Its kinda sad to come back to reality after so many laughs and jokes
having your huge delicious meals made for you
and no washing up!!!
There is always so much food at these things!!!!
It was a great weekend!!
Thanks so much Deb Godley for organising this!!


phillipa said...

Jodi thanks for a great weekend. I had a real blast!!xx

kerry said...

Hey Jodi it was a fab weekend too.Thanks for donig all you did.Take care Kerry xx

brissmith said...

Where am I??? sob sob Haven't scrapped for ages but have been doing some sewing....Hope to go to a retreat next year when my little one is a little older. Take care, Susan :)

Anonymous said...

hey i see a little bit of bridge in the first LO i looove it !!
well done and you look the part in your big ears and pink hair NOICE!! what happened to the others did they not dress up ????

BrigitteG said...

hahaha !! that is sooo hilarious JOD !! only you could do this !! and yes, good for photo-scrapping :)
Aweeesome stuffs to spend time with friends at Retreat :)


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