Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Celebrating Me in 2007

I am currently doing a challenge on Chookscraps. To complete layouts on assigned topics every month. I have tried to embrase this idea and am endevouring to get the layouts done each month.

This months the three subjects are:

- What music do you enjoy
- About the interestes on the web
- A typical day

I have done the layouts for the first two.

This one is Cybercrops & Below is Old Time Rockers!! Just a bit of fun!!

Day 41 - Hair down challenge

Here we are day 41... I straightened my hair today and decided to take a photo for Brenda before i pulled it up in a piggytale.....
My DS signed up for a school based traineeship today! Woohoo!! This is such a great thing for him and will set him up for work for the next couple of years.
I jumped on the scales today and i have put on a stone!!! 6 kilos!! I cant beleive it. I am so dissappointed in myself. So I am back on Jenny Craig and will be hugely disaplined this time. Im onlu cheating myself if i dont do it properly.
So stay tuned, hopefully the fat face will gradually dissapear again!!! Fingers crossed!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 40 - All together now........"I dont like Mondays, tell my why I dont like Mondays ahah"

What is it about Mondays lately? Im so over Mondays. If you have some bad news for me, can you tell me on Tuesdays from now on!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 39 - Pancakes

This is "Pancakes", isnt he gorgeous. He is my daugters new bunny. He lives in her bedroom and it so stinks!!! I just keep the door shut now!! Hey, its better than her keeping a boyfriend in her bedroom!!!! Theres a method in my madness you know!!! LOL. This is day 39's photo!!

Day 38 - A Night Out!!! Very Rare!!

Today presents something a little different in my routine. Im off to a rock concert!! Apparently its one of those things where poeple get up on stage and sing songs to the audience. Poeple have said its very loud and can be lots of fun!!!
We out here in the country dont get much of those rock bandy thingys. LOL

So we piled in the car and headed to the Crossing Teatre in Narrabri to listen to Jimmy Barnes!!! What a great night out. His kids played a few songs and he sung a few new songs and his old favorites, chucked a bit of Chizel and it was rock'n!!!
The average age of the audience im sad to say would have been 50. So many balled heads and pot bellies and that was just the ladies!!! Lol, nah everyone looked great and were having a fantastic time!!
We got home late and my ears were ringing all night with Barnseys voice - but it was all good. Great way to spend the night.
Me & Stu having fun*Chant with me!!* Jimmy...Jimmy!...Jimmy!...Jimmy!....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Layout Swap - Brown Eyed Girl

This is a layout i have done for Kerry from cyberscraps. I hope she likes it. This is attempt number two. number one ended up in the bin after 2 days of work and the hand glueing of 100 beads!!!! Sometimes it just doesnt turn out the way you see it in your head. But this one is a little better. Its so ahrd to scrap someone elses kids i think!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

On-Line Scrapbooking Retreat

Here is a layout I did tonight during an on-line scrapbooking retreat at Crafting in style. Great fun! I totally love this layout. I wish i could come up with this great stuff myslef!! :(


Look at this gorgeous sunset - who would have thought what it would bring with it!!

Emelia and I went to woolies to buy a supply of chocolate for the scrapbooking retreat weekend i am attending at home this weekend!! (I know - with all my "friends" there are others on the internet like me you know!!!) lol

Anyway, went to get the chocy and the rain was pelting down!! We came home and the road was covered in white! We thought it was snow the coverage was that thorough. But once we got home we saw hail piled up at the shed!! WOW!!
Look at how deep it is.

Day 37 - The Verdict is In!!!

This is the new coffee shop in town. Just opened yesterday. Of course this photo was taken form inside where we were enjoying th most gorgeous cuppaccino!!! And oh so yummy caramel pie!!!!

So this is where the girls spent there morning today. We havnt had a scrap get together for a couple of weeks due to the school holidays, so had coffee instead. And it will get coffee again next week due to hectic schedules!!!

Here we are enjoing the sugar buzz from the cakes we endulged in......... There is also the most gorgeous new gift shop attached to this coffee shop. It has the most lovely jewellery and handbags!!!

But the official photo for today is below. Brenda offered me a challenge yesterday. I have to take more photos of me with my hair down. So when i got out of bed this moring, i took this photo. No brush to be seen, just ah lah naturel!!!! Scary hey!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 36 - Kittys and Rabbys

Day 36 brings me so sick of my photos!!! Only 330 odd days to go!!

I thought i would include a photo with our kitty cat today Conan. He's about 7 or so I suppose. We dont have the best relationship me and "the cat".... Im not really a cat person, but he gets heaps of love from Stu and the kids. Stu and him are best mates and we always say that the cat gets more attention than we do.

He's a lovely cat though, nice and fluffy and a beautiful temprement. He loves the kids and has put up with alot especially from Emelia who used to dress him up etc when she was younger.

This is a picture of Emelias new rabby Pancakes. Hes so cute and soft!! He spent last night in Emelias room but he scratched around all night and kept her awake, so he is going out to the hutch with the guinie pig now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 35 - Up all night finishing Harry

Gosh, look at the eyes!! I really need to start getting more sleep.
After a couple of sleepless nights with my daughter, shes 13 and im worried!!! I decided to stay up and finish Harry. The last 100 or so pages are the final battle and you cant go putting the book down then!!!
So I stayed up til 1.30am reading and now i am done!! It was a little predictable, but still hugely enjoyable and will make an excellent movie. All those unfinished things are explained and we are left in no doubt about anything.
Its really sad that this is the last book. Its the end of an era. Children everywhere will no longer have that anticipation for the next book to read. Imagine, no more waiting at the front of bookshops decked out in witches clobber waiting for the shop to open!! When has that happened before? And will it ever happen again? Will kids ever get this pationate about a book? I think Harry will be long remembered for his input into this generatinon of kids. And adults!! I love it!!

Day 34 - Mummy's Pride

Here is a very forced photo with my darling son - who isnt giving me any trouble at the moment!!!
Hes a lovely kid and growing up so fast. Hes a nice boy - the kind to take home to Mum and the kind that will treat his lady like a princess. But due to the fact that he is so shy - very few girls are able to try him out!!! I suppose thats a good thing. When he is out in the world he will find himself and develop more confidence. Im very proud of my handsome boy!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 33 - I hate today!!

Does my imagine reflect the really bad day i had today? I dont know what to do? Im at my wits end with my daughter. I wont go into details - but believe me - its one of those days, that all mothers do not wish to have!!!
Lets hope its a better day tomorrow!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 32 - SUNDAY & Im staying in bed with Harry!!!

Its 10.00am and i here voices outside my door. "The lights on".... "She's reading" Emelia slowly opens the door and Joshua looks up over her shoulder - "See I told you shed be reading!"

This is what happens with the new Harry Potter books. I read them and read them until I am done. I went to be last night a 7.30pm tp read and woke up and started again - after tossing and turning all night dreaming about Harry!!! honestly he has possessed me!! Im nearly half way now though. Give me the week and things will be back to normal around here!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 31 - The Final Installment of Harry Potter is HERE!!!!!

What else would todays posting me but this!!! Harry is back and Im spending the whole weekend with him!!! With tears of excitment, I rushed off to the bookshop along with everyone else to buy the final Harry Potter book. I cant believe this is it........

I took a while to get to know Harry. My young son Josh got to know him when Josh was about 7 maybe? Remember all the talk about banning Harry Potter due to witchcraft? Josh loved these books - they got him loving books. So before i made any judgement, I read the book for myself. What a load of crap people are. I mean this is a typical good versus evil - make your conscious choice like eveyother fairy tale since the beginning of time - but like a million times better.

Now I am totally addicted. Up till the last book we had to buy two hardcover books with each release as Josh and i would fight over who would read it first. But he's too old and cool for that now and lets his mum go first - cause i buy it!!! lol

Like most impatient poeple, i read the last chapter first so i know what happens - then i can take my time and enjoy the book. I cried and cried. When the author was interviewed ragarding the writing of the book she said she did the same thing. just cried and cried. I still feel emotionally drained from it.

So now I will spend most waking moments until i am done reading this book. I will get into trouble for not cooking tea on time, for not getting out of bed on time, for not getting dressed to take the kids to school - but hey, its for Harry and we wont be spending that much time together anymore, so this one last fling will have to be good!!

So bye - im off to read.......

Friday, July 20, 2007

Scrapbooking Night!!

I completed an on-line class through the week with Crafting-in-style. We made this Shabby Chic Mini Album which is just tooo gorgeous!!!

It folds up to sit like a triangle on a table or something for display.

I also did this simple layout with Emelia. Snow White smile. She has the most naturally ruby red lips!!!

Layout Swap by Cassandra Glass

Check out this absolutely gorgeous layout that was done for me by Cassandra Glass. Cass hes her work regularly published in scrapbooking mags and is on the design team for Cyberscraps. Cyberscraps is the place i hang out the most as the ladies are super cool and super casual and all a little bit weird just like me!!! Visit there when you get the opportunity!!
I swapped a layout with Cass and you will find mine further down my list of posts.
This layout is way too gorgeous to go in an album, its going in a frame on my bedroom wall! Thanks Cass :)

Day 30 - FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Thank god its Friday, though I dont know why Fridays are exciting for me, as this is the first day of my working week!! Fridays are the start of the weekend and hence all the parties i decorate!!! Its a big balloon weekend this weekend. I have several funcitons on tonight and tomorrow night.
But i think the reason i like Fridays is that even though i am working, the atmosphere is so much more relaxed. Stus not trying to get his reports done early and the kids arent in a hurry to get to school. Usually the only one leaving the house it me to set up functions and do deliveries!!!
Sunday is archery this weekend too - so i will have to set my sites on my bow at some stage. My old sites chucked it in and i have new ones which need to be "Calebrated" as such before i can fire an arrow and have some idea of where it will go!!!
Also, today i started another weight loss concept!! Im trying and trying to lose this last 10 kilos!! I joined Curves. Tailored to women, so might be a bit different to to gym. I am quite fit and have been developing my muscles, doing cardio workouts and nothing is happening. I havnt lost any weight in such a long time... So I'll give this one a go.
Anyway, its a gorgeous day in Gunnedah today. not too cold. So better go out and blow the balloons up for these couple of functions.
Seeya tomorra!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 29 - The only reason I get out of bed in the morning is to go back in it!!!!

No, No!! I dont want to get out of bed - its too cold!!! We've got below zero temperatures in Gunnedah this winter and it doesnt get much above them with the freezing cold wind blowing across from the hills. Its cold. Teperatures like -5.5!!! These kind of numbers just dont happen here!!!

I love to stay in bed with my electric blanky!! My favorite saying in Winter is "The only reason I get out of bed is so i can go back to bed!!". Its so nice, all warm and snuggly with a good book!! But i dont have agood book at the moment. I am waiting for the last instalment of Harry Potter, then i can stay in bed all weekend until i finish it. Thats this weekend by the way!!!! So, seeing as i dont have a good book - I had to get out of bed!!!

In spring I can get out of bed much easier. I love to go for an early walk and smell all the scents of spring - all the flowers and fresh grass. Not long to wait now!!

Stu and I decided last night to resume i Porky Walk after tea. Here is how we were dressed!! Al rugged up with layers and layers. Once we had our 10 lyers on, we were quite cosey!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 28 - Breath that Country Air!!!

I cant believe its day 28 already, doesn't time FLY!!
I am at Brenda's front gate in this photo, having just spent a lovely morning playing with blogs and chatting about all and sundry related to scrapbooking!! Had a lovely lunch too - yum!!
But today, as i was heading out to Brenda's I had one of those moments, so thought i would record that for future card reference. (After all, I do plan to card all these for my kids to learn a bit about their mother!) My son, who I am extremely proud of, managed to get himself a school based traineeship.
Now these arn't like the ones I did when i was young. Three months of cheap wages and then get the sack. This is a real fairdincum opportunity for him. After finishing year 12 he is guaranteed a full-time job with this company and after a couple of years if he decides to go to Uni (As he wants to do radiography) he can be transfered to the shop nearest the Uni he attends and straight into something worked around his uni hours. I mean at 16, what a life opportunity for him!!!
But the reason for the moment is that I thought how proud my Dad would have been of him. Dad always called Josh the mad scientist and always had high hopes of his achievements. This title came at the ripe old age of 2 when he was reading my pregnancy manual from cover to cover and knew it better than me. (Two year old reading of course - he loved the graphic pictures).
So for Josh to have this happen, my Dad would have been radiant with pride!! The really sad part is that because my Dad was such an arsehole, the kids could never bond with him. Stu and my dad just could not see eye to eye and when the kids were younger Dad would always see fit whenever he would visit or I would, that all visits would end in a screaming fight where i was told i was no good, or too high and mighty or my arse was too fat or any number of 1000 things my Dad hated about me. The kids saw that, and they knew no matter how young they were that Mum is always upset when Pops around.
Really, in the end it was Dad who suffered, as i have two of the most wonderful loving children and he missed out on that love because of his attitude. I know Dad loved the kids, but he still wouldn't go out of his comfort zone for them. They always had to be forced to make the first move for affection - which you just cant do with little kids. you have to show them you love them.
But sadly Dad died, not ever knowing my kids achievements in life. He died in 2001 after a long sickness due to his bad habits. Only the very last time I visited Dad before he died did we not have a huge fight!! He tried too, but i walked out and wouldn't let it happen. He knew he was dying, it shouldn't have been me to recognise that and try not to see eye to eye. Dad was the grown up and the DAD after all, he should have made the effort.
I know i wasn't the perfect daughter. I rebelled and tested him and pushed and pushed him for attention as i was growing up. Mum had to push me to make any effort for affection from him (As i later did with my own kids). It really is so sad that that was the life he chose for himself. He could have found so much more happiness had he have given a little more of himself. Let us know how he felt about us.
I lied to him on his deathbed (when we first thought he was dying) when i told him i loved him. I didn't. He didn't deserve my love. He never earn't it and in his actions showed he didn't want it.
The upside of all this is that my kids have the very best father you could imagine. We do everything as a family. Either the boys and the girls or all of us. We talk constantly, share kisses hugs and affection everyday. We both tell the kids how much we love them and how proud we are of them and they recipricate.
We are so lucky that the pattern for this hostile living didn't get carried on through this family. Through effort and love, we all have wonderful relationships with each other of which i am so very proud.
Ok, well that's today's story. This is what this challenge is about for me. Writing down these random moments of thoughts and memories to record and share with my kids when they are older. When i am dead and gone, how nice it will be for them to reflect on the feelings of their Mum.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 27 - Just a shadow of myself!! lol

Isnt this the fattest arse most discusting photo you've ever seen?

Normally, when I have just one layer of clothes on my shadows not too bad, but today I have my skivvy, my jersey and my big jacket on to take the kids to school. I noticed a shadow and thought - blimy I look HUGE!! This can be todays photo!!
The reason for the layers is the minus temoperatures!! Yesterday was -5 at 7.00am. Today was a little better at -2 however, there seamed to be a bigger frost than yesterday.

It all makes for a day inside infront of the heater catching up on some scrapbooking!!!

Day 26 - My got a Booboo!!!

Usually I am jogging along the track, very slowly and never slip or fall!! Today I decided to walk it as Im not feeling very well with a runny nose and a head cold - and guess what?? Over I went!! Face first in the dirt!!!
This photo is when i got home. Now its all bruised too!!!!
You wouldnt guess it would you!!! Damn mossy path!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Heres a photo of my new car. The one thats taking me mega fast to the scrapbooking shop!!! LOL

Looking at it up close theres lovely sparkly bits, all shiny and preddy!!!! Aaawwww!!

Gunnedah Drags - Great way to spend a Sunday (If I cant scrapbook that is!!)

Here is my man in all his glory... I think he is very handsome!!! Stu spent the weekend dragging his motorbike. Unfortunaley he didnt make the final, but he had a great time losing!!!

The guy that won was riding a Buell too, but it was a 1200 cc, Stus only 1000. Apparently there is a difference. Yeh, like one was black and one was old english green!!! Next drags are on in November when Josh will have his own bike and a licence to ride it. Oh my god... how soon they grow up. Just yesterday he was coming off his pushbike - wait.... hang on..... it was yesterday!! lol Nah, he hasnt riden a pushbike i like 4 years!!

Here are all the bikes, and the start of the final. The guy closest to the picture is on the Buell. the other guy, Anthony - or as we were calling him - Chopper (We couldnt remember his name, last time we saw him was at a Bucks party and we were both drunk!!! Anthony asked me what my name was, again and i told him Jodi, he said "Oh thats right I remember now - Jodis down there passed out" It came flooding back to him!!" Very funny!!) Anyway, chopper was on an R1. very fast, but he left the mark too soon and was disqualified on the Final run!! How dissapointing for him. Anyway theres always Next one in November.
But, I did make a decision today. Blow this the guys having al the fun. In November I will drag Stus V8 ute!! I will have to get Emelia to take the photos for scrapbooking but!!


Here is a layout i was experimenting with. As the photo isnt the best - but very ghost like - i wanted to do something a little different. Using satin lining fabric, i gathered and stitched it to the page, I stitched on the ribbon at the sides. I cut the leaf shapes out of velum and sewed them on with gold thread. I then stuck all those sequence and beads on one by one and covered he heid ghost letters in gold metallic dimential paint and sewed them into place..... All up the effect isnt too bad. but the layout is so messy. Its a very messy way to cut and paste!!! Dont think i will send it in anywhere!!

Day 25 - SUNDAY!! I love Sundays!!!

Sunday is for sleep ins and staying in your jarmies!!!
Which i am here!!! Hair all messy, straight out of bed, makeup dried on my eyes..... But its Sunday so who cares!!!
Late breakie, hot cuppa...... Love it
Out to the drags again today. The time trials are on. Yesterday was just fun and games.... today is the big stuff. Gota go and take some photos to scrap!! Thats what its all about afterall!!
Its so funny, I was checking out my hubby yesterday - he looked so good sitting on his black and gold bike, with his matching helmet and black leather jacket.....ooooooooohhhhhhhh... lit something hot inside me.......
BUT, as he was very cooly dismounting his bike, and he takes his lovely black helmet off to reveal his bald head!!.... takes a few hobbled steps from the bike due to his damn hip cramping (Old footy injury you know!!) One has to admit, beauty is definately in the eyes of the beholder!!! And love is blind!! But to me he will always be the little hot stud muffin i married!!!

365 Day challenge - Day 24 - Out and About

I know this isnt the best photo!! That i admit. Once again shows the flabby neck. But look at the colour of this sky!! fabulous.

We havnt seen this colour blue in the sky for such a very long time. Its been raining and cloudy now for a month. The clothes dryer has been turning everyday.... And now look at this sun shine!!!
We are at the local DRAGS!! My husband Stu has his Buell motorbike in it. He is having a blast!! And my poor son is sitting there - 2 months off being able to side a motorbike - on the sidelines waiting with baited breath until he is old enough to give it a go!! Which he no doubt will!! I will have some photos of hubby later as i took them on my film camera. But i do have a photo of this great car.............
WOW!! Love it!! It was fast and green, everything a girl wants in transport!! Should get me to the scrapbooking shop in like record time man!!! Yeh!!!

This is emelia.. all rugged up but with a micro mini on. Go figure!! No sense no feeling!

Although the sky was that gorgeous shade of blue, it was freezing!!

And lastly, my handsome son waiting with his motorbike jacket on until he is old enough to hit the drag circut!!
I dont know how this happened with speed!! Its only relatively new to us - we've been archerying up til now. I suppose they had tp find an interest that us girls couldnt beat them in!! Of course when they wont buy us the pretty green fast transportation we wont be able to beat them!!! They have it worked out this time!!!

365 Day Challenge - Day 23 - Im getting Old!!! :(

This is a belated upload due to my computer breaking. I have stolen my daughters laptop which we cofiscated from her a month ago!!! Very handy!! Had to load up appropriate software. I mean I cant do much with my photos with "Sims" can i? lol

So here is day 23...... Im noticing my age now......
See my neck!!! Its getting all turkey necked. I didnt think this kind of thing would happen for a lot longer!!! I use all my creams - good brands too.
But we have put it down to the fact that i have lost alot of weight over the last couple of years. 35 kilos in all, so there has to be some residue somewhere. I would have been happy if it stayed on my tummy - not on my face where everyone can see it!!!
I hate old age..... Im only 39!!!
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