Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 36 - Kittys and Rabbys

Day 36 brings me so sick of my photos!!! Only 330 odd days to go!!

I thought i would include a photo with our kitty cat today Conan. He's about 7 or so I suppose. We dont have the best relationship me and "the cat".... Im not really a cat person, but he gets heaps of love from Stu and the kids. Stu and him are best mates and we always say that the cat gets more attention than we do.

He's a lovely cat though, nice and fluffy and a beautiful temprement. He loves the kids and has put up with alot especially from Emelia who used to dress him up etc when she was younger.

This is a picture of Emelias new rabby Pancakes. Hes so cute and soft!! He spent last night in Emelias room but he scratched around all night and kept her awake, so he is going out to the hutch with the guinie pig now.

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