Thursday, July 5, 2007

365 Day Challenge Day 15 - U & Me

365 day challenge presents myself and my wonderful husband Stu. I had to hold him down to have this taken. I love my wonderful husband so much especially for 3 out of 4 weeks. Then I am the wife from Hell and he is God. And we know how heaven and hell fight dont we!!!! So we now have an understanding and we just ignore each other - then the switch is flicked and we are back to normal again!! I so hate hormones!!!!

School Holidays - arnt they wonderful!!! Not!!!
This is how much ds is spending his holidays. Infront of the computer and xbox!!! Get out and get a job boy!!!!

EMelia on the other hand......

She is playing dress ups and dying her hair blue!!!!
I asked her why she was so dressed up today - was she going to skanksville!!! I thought that was so funny!!! Shes got the blue nails bother fingers and toes to match too.
You should have seen the mess!!!
I am off to scrap at Mums place tonight with Gaye. Hopefully I will have a lovely project to upload tomorrow!!!

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