Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 30 - FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Thank god its Friday, though I dont know why Fridays are exciting for me, as this is the first day of my working week!! Fridays are the start of the weekend and hence all the parties i decorate!!! Its a big balloon weekend this weekend. I have several funcitons on tonight and tomorrow night.
But i think the reason i like Fridays is that even though i am working, the atmosphere is so much more relaxed. Stus not trying to get his reports done early and the kids arent in a hurry to get to school. Usually the only one leaving the house it me to set up functions and do deliveries!!!
Sunday is archery this weekend too - so i will have to set my sites on my bow at some stage. My old sites chucked it in and i have new ones which need to be "Calebrated" as such before i can fire an arrow and have some idea of where it will go!!!
Also, today i started another weight loss concept!! Im trying and trying to lose this last 10 kilos!! I joined Curves. Tailored to women, so might be a bit different to to gym. I am quite fit and have been developing my muscles, doing cardio workouts and nothing is happening. I havnt lost any weight in such a long time... So I'll give this one a go.
Anyway, its a gorgeous day in Gunnedah today. not too cold. So better go out and blow the balloons up for these couple of functions.
Seeya tomorra!!

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