Sunday, July 15, 2007

365 Day challenge - Day 24 - Out and About

I know this isnt the best photo!! That i admit. Once again shows the flabby neck. But look at the colour of this sky!! fabulous.

We havnt seen this colour blue in the sky for such a very long time. Its been raining and cloudy now for a month. The clothes dryer has been turning everyday.... And now look at this sun shine!!!
We are at the local DRAGS!! My husband Stu has his Buell motorbike in it. He is having a blast!! And my poor son is sitting there - 2 months off being able to side a motorbike - on the sidelines waiting with baited breath until he is old enough to give it a go!! Which he no doubt will!! I will have some photos of hubby later as i took them on my film camera. But i do have a photo of this great car.............
WOW!! Love it!! It was fast and green, everything a girl wants in transport!! Should get me to the scrapbooking shop in like record time man!!! Yeh!!!

This is emelia.. all rugged up but with a micro mini on. Go figure!! No sense no feeling!

Although the sky was that gorgeous shade of blue, it was freezing!!

And lastly, my handsome son waiting with his motorbike jacket on until he is old enough to hit the drag circut!!
I dont know how this happened with speed!! Its only relatively new to us - we've been archerying up til now. I suppose they had tp find an interest that us girls couldnt beat them in!! Of course when they wont buy us the pretty green fast transportation we wont be able to beat them!!! They have it worked out this time!!!

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