Sunday, July 8, 2007

365 Day Challenge - Day 18 Its raining again

Its raining again here is Gunnedah which for me means a day at home infront of the TV doing the ironing and watching dvds.
My family say I am the worst person to watch a movie with as i am up and down the whole time doing things, and then have to rewind the movie or ask what happened.

I cant just sit to watch a movie, i have to be doing something.. if i just sit then i will fall asleep.
The dvds i watched was We are Marshalls and Flyboys. Both true stories. Flyboys was really great - topgun of the 1914's. We are Marshalls was a bit drawn out and far too over rates - but i do get the fact of the tragic story line.... Just not that entertaining which is what watching dvds is about.
Week one of the school holidays are over now and the kids are bored. Emelia has done nothing but sleep and eat - just like a baby!!! Joshud has computer gamed..... and gamed.... but he did work today.

Stu went for a ride with the Gunnedah Riders Club. It was rainy and miserable, but boys being boys they had a woderful day.

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