Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 25 - SUNDAY!! I love Sundays!!!

Sunday is for sleep ins and staying in your jarmies!!!
Which i am here!!! Hair all messy, straight out of bed, makeup dried on my eyes..... But its Sunday so who cares!!!
Late breakie, hot cuppa...... Love it
Out to the drags again today. The time trials are on. Yesterday was just fun and games.... today is the big stuff. Gota go and take some photos to scrap!! Thats what its all about afterall!!
Its so funny, I was checking out my hubby yesterday - he looked so good sitting on his black and gold bike, with his matching helmet and black leather jacket.....ooooooooohhhhhhhh... lit something hot inside me.......
BUT, as he was very cooly dismounting his bike, and he takes his lovely black helmet off to reveal his bald head!!.... takes a few hobbled steps from the bike due to his damn hip cramping (Old footy injury you know!!) One has to admit, beauty is definately in the eyes of the beholder!!! And love is blind!! But to me he will always be the little hot stud muffin i married!!!

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