Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gunnedah Drags - Great way to spend a Sunday (If I cant scrapbook that is!!)

Here is my man in all his glory... I think he is very handsome!!! Stu spent the weekend dragging his motorbike. Unfortunaley he didnt make the final, but he had a great time losing!!!

The guy that won was riding a Buell too, but it was a 1200 cc, Stus only 1000. Apparently there is a difference. Yeh, like one was black and one was old english green!!! Next drags are on in November when Josh will have his own bike and a licence to ride it. Oh my god... how soon they grow up. Just yesterday he was coming off his pushbike - wait.... hang on..... it was yesterday!! lol Nah, he hasnt riden a pushbike i like 4 years!!

Here are all the bikes, and the start of the final. The guy closest to the picture is on the Buell. the other guy, Anthony - or as we were calling him - Chopper (We couldnt remember his name, last time we saw him was at a Bucks party and we were both drunk!!! Anthony asked me what my name was, again and i told him Jodi, he said "Oh thats right I remember now - Jodis down there passed out" It came flooding back to him!!" Very funny!!) Anyway, chopper was on an R1. very fast, but he left the mark too soon and was disqualified on the Final run!! How dissapointing for him. Anyway theres always Next one in November.
But, I did make a decision today. Blow this the guys having al the fun. In November I will drag Stus V8 ute!! I will have to get Emelia to take the photos for scrapbooking but!!

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