Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 35 - Up all night finishing Harry

Gosh, look at the eyes!! I really need to start getting more sleep.
After a couple of sleepless nights with my daughter, shes 13 and im worried!!! I decided to stay up and finish Harry. The last 100 or so pages are the final battle and you cant go putting the book down then!!!
So I stayed up til 1.30am reading and now i am done!! It was a little predictable, but still hugely enjoyable and will make an excellent movie. All those unfinished things are explained and we are left in no doubt about anything.
Its really sad that this is the last book. Its the end of an era. Children everywhere will no longer have that anticipation for the next book to read. Imagine, no more waiting at the front of bookshops decked out in witches clobber waiting for the shop to open!! When has that happened before? And will it ever happen again? Will kids ever get this pationate about a book? I think Harry will be long remembered for his input into this generatinon of kids. And adults!! I love it!!

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kerry said...

Jodi your eyes will drop out your head i hav efinished your layout it is up on my blog.I stayed up Sunday night until 2.00 am finishing it once you start you cannot stop.i konw what you mean about girls i have a 25 year old daughter and 3 stepdaughters in ther 20 s and it dosent seem to get any easier.Sometimes i would like to pull my hair out with some of there crap that they dish out.


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