Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fun with Friends!!!

Here is a photo of "My new best friend Brenda"!! lol We are coffeeing at Maccas. This was going to be my photo for the day... but it doesnt hurt to ahve two now does it?

Brenda comes from Gundy where they have a great scrapbooking shop - to Gunnedah where there are NO scrapbooking shops!!! We so need one!!! But with some asking she found me and after a phone call turned up on my door stop with bucket full of scrapping stuff in hand ready to scrap!! We talked NON STOP and have been talking NON STOP ever since!!! Its so wonderful to have someone like Brenda who shares the same intrests as me..... or should it say shares the same obsession as me!!! lol

1 comment:

kerry said...

Hi Jodi,
Well look at you and that new do,looks great.Love your idea but i'm lazy and i would not keep it up for a year so i will watch everyone elses.Great layouts isin't it hard just trying to get one layout published i think i will throw a party if i ever get one published,i sent off to sm,sc and fk so now i have to wait.take care Kerry


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