Friday, July 6, 2007

365 Day Challenge Day 16 - Scrapbooking Forum Junkie!!!

Hi everyone - my name is Jodi and i am a junkie!!! My substance is scrapbooking forums. I cant help it - Im addicted. I ahve to use everyday and just when i think i have had enough for one day, someone will come along and offer me something and i will use again. I cant go to bed at night, i cant get into the shower, my kids are dirty and my house is a mess because i am a constant user!!!! I need help!!! Someone please help me!!!
Nah, I love the forums. What a great way to meet people as crazy as me and with the same passion for scrapbooking as i have. I have met some of the most wonderful people i know through the forums. I love Cyberscraps, were everyone is so completely nuts i feel right at home.
I think this day is appropriate for the 365 day challenge - considering it all came of a blog from a scrapbooking forum!!!!

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