Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 31 - The Final Installment of Harry Potter is HERE!!!!!

What else would todays posting me but this!!! Harry is back and Im spending the whole weekend with him!!! With tears of excitment, I rushed off to the bookshop along with everyone else to buy the final Harry Potter book. I cant believe this is it........

I took a while to get to know Harry. My young son Josh got to know him when Josh was about 7 maybe? Remember all the talk about banning Harry Potter due to witchcraft? Josh loved these books - they got him loving books. So before i made any judgement, I read the book for myself. What a load of crap people are. I mean this is a typical good versus evil - make your conscious choice like eveyother fairy tale since the beginning of time - but like a million times better.

Now I am totally addicted. Up till the last book we had to buy two hardcover books with each release as Josh and i would fight over who would read it first. But he's too old and cool for that now and lets his mum go first - cause i buy it!!! lol

Like most impatient poeple, i read the last chapter first so i know what happens - then i can take my time and enjoy the book. I cried and cried. When the author was interviewed ragarding the writing of the book she said she did the same thing. just cried and cried. I still feel emotionally drained from it.

So now I will spend most waking moments until i am done reading this book. I will get into trouble for not cooking tea on time, for not getting out of bed on time, for not getting dressed to take the kids to school - but hey, its for Harry and we wont be spending that much time together anymore, so this one last fling will have to be good!!

So bye - im off to read.......

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